Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. That looks delicious.
  2. Yea, it's the Clemence. I really love the Empreinte. It's my everyday wallet. Fits into my Alma BB and YSL Lou camera bag.
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  3. My new to me round coin purse and my fav Chai Latte! :love:

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  4. So cute! My RCP is being delivered today, I’m so excited!!
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  5. I love mine! It’s so cute! I keep my headphones and charger cord in mine.
  6. Awesome! I feel like I “need” a long wallet in my collection. Can a phone fit inside by any chance?
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  7. My Samsung S7 edge doesn't fit in there with a cover on, but it kinda fits without the cover. It makes the wallet super bulky with a naked cell phone inside though.
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  8. Oh I see. I kinda figured that would be the case. Thanks for letting me know:smile:
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  9. My chai latte with Vietnamese cinnamon and round coin purse (I was inspired by someone else's a few days ago). The bag in the background is my beloved Triangle Softy with an added bandelier strap. 15467790740016894023092472801910.jpg
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  10. Beautiful!
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  11. Thanks, darling:smile:
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  12. I love this vintage piece. So wish I had gotten it when it was out.
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  13. I absolutely love your bag — it’s like the most perfect LV shoulder bag imo with both the mono/reverse mono, no vachetta, zipped top, braided handle, etc. It is truly gorgeous :smile:
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  14. Thank you, it's one of my LV favorites for all of the reasons you mentioned and the plus is it's a hobo!
  15. Brought my favorite drink home with my eva Screenshot_20190105-205054.png
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