Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Thank you so much!
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  2. The Octogone lovefest continues at my house.....
  3. @DYH, can you please, pretty, pretty please give me the specifics of your beautiful b25. I have never seen color and texture this perfectly matching me :smile:. Be still, my heart!
  4. Vert vertigo B25.
  5. 637B8C1F-A41B-439F-B262-019954EB827E.jpeg
  6. Wearing my orans at St. Mark’s Basilica. Venice is so beautiful!

  7. awww. Thank you so much for that. Might be the best compliment ever received by this this bag! Color is cobalt blue. GHW. Leather, I don't remember. I think it's togo, but could be clemence too. Either or!
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  8. Nice pic! The B is gorgeous! :loveeyes: And I love that loaf of bread kitty in the background too !!! ;)
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  9. It's perfect! You look great and never disappoint! :heart:
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  10. and you're so cute too !
  11. Posted in VcA thread: sneaking shots in the office. It’s odd but when I feel like I need to get serious works done, I’d take off all of my jewelry! (I guess it’s better than taking off clothes lol.)

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  13. Strange... my funny emoticons didn’t show up earlier?
  14. lol! I am so curious which emoticon you used now!!
  15. C4F0C43F-F9D7-4546-A5D4-7B397C49CC76.jpeg
    Top to toe Hermes at Chanel. Hair clip, dress, Barenia Etriviere belt, sandals, Sakura (mini, PM?) Plume. Thanks for letting me share!