Your Hermes in action!

  1. Beautiful! May I know the colours?
  2. turns out that I’ve hit a learning curve in trying to photograph my black Octogone. It really wants to look like a big square black blob. And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, after seeing a photo of a white shirt and a black belt, I decided to dig out this belt, ignoring that the woman in the photo was probably 1/4 of my age and despite having realized several years ago that I no longer have a waist. The bag is here to stay. The belt’s going back into the closet.
    The photo that “inspired” me:
  3. Thank you very much Leileka!

    Thank you Coolz! The colors are trench and craie.
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  4. I think you look great and I like how you drew inspiration from this pic.
    Oh, and your Octagone is lovely as well.
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  5. So gorgeous!! I know that maze :smile: Roulis is lovely and so are your shoes.
  6. My Virginia Beach companion (last week) celebrating 4th of July :wave:
    D9419393-6BDF-4B1A-8B53-A1AB04B5EAF2.jpeg ABE4A022-A841-4648-9D6D-053C0B6EB83A.jpeg 218C551C-8FBE-4A7D-A288-9CC7DD4DECC5.jpeg
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  7. Thank you @weibandy :smile:. And yes, it's my son's favorite maze. Worth noting that a few seconds after I took this pic he actually tripped, fell and acted as if he broke a bone (he's a bit on the dramatic side :annoyed:) lol. Hope you're having a great week!
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  9. Love that Kelly ! and those pants too.
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  10. BE is the best !!
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  11. London skyline with my little pretty :love:
  12. Sophisticated style. :smile:
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  13. Any blue rodeo would look great.
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  14. +1! ITA with marzipanchen! :tup: And love your black Octogone, diane278!! :loveeyes:
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  15. Thank you! It’s pretty much all I wear during the summer!
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