Your Hermes in action!

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  1. You are so chiq and effortless in your styling Ms. Moto! I'm feeling this close to getting a CSGM because of you and will drag you into the boutique w/ me when I'm ready! ;)
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  3. Team Evie! :heart: You are totally rockin' it! :yes::tup:
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  4. L.O.V.E everything in this pic! Makes me feel so relaxed, perhaps as relaxed as your bolide lol. Is it a 35 in Noir or indigo?
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  5. thank you dear! it's a 31 noir.
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  6. I am at the land of bleeding wallet.
    IMG_20180614_124331_513.jpg IMG_20180614_125958_282.jpg
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  7. Have fun!! I will be there at the end of July!
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  8. Thank you
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  9. Love this look! Is this a 35?
  10. My CSGM has better ROI than my 90 silks...I will so be there to enable you into your first CS!
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  12. Before deciding which heels to wear for dinner, lol.
  13. Airport selfie. Love these Santorini sandals
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