Your Hermes in action!

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    5362D028-40AD-4202-8243-DDD1178F0F49.jpeg Wearing my purchase I just made today
  2. With my removable cross body strap.
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  3. I never thought I’d get an Evelyne but I did... I tried it on in H BKK (Siam Paragon) suggested by the nice SA and it turned out perfect for a travel bag. Roomy enough for everything including my dslr gorillapod for my camera.

    BF did not let me take C24 or B30 to BKK in case I got mugged when walking around without him (he’s at work during the day).

    IMG_9725.jpg IMG_9726.jpg IMG_9727.jpg
  4. I always crave sweets when I see your beautiful pics!
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  5. Is that a PM? You look beautiful as always.
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  6. You have such great style! This is fabulous!!
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  7. Thank you dear! It’s a 29! Is that a PM? I’m not familiar with the evie sizing hehe
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  8. Thank you so much hun! X
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  9. 29 is the PM. It is my favorite size. I have the Evie Sellier PM, which has travelled quite a bit with me.

    Your Evie looks very smart on you.
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  10. I love to eat... Hee hee hee.
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  11. It was a pleasant surprise when I tried it on! Thanks dear! X
  12. IMG_20180613_085340_931.jpg
    Breakfast time
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  13. trying on my new Chanel jacket with my Goldie :smile:
  14. tea time @Capella hotel where Trump met IMG_3666.jpg
  15. Yay! Looking lovely as always! :biggrin:
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