You guys aren't gonna BELIEVE this.

  1. Deal of the century!!!!

    I bid on this, right, and it still had a couple of days left. I only put a maximum $50 bid on the bag, I didn't figure I'd get it. I checked to make sure it was authentic and all-- and it's BEAUTIFUL, you never see the braided hobo in this colour, it's rare!

    ...and she ENDED THE AUCTION EARLY AND SOLD IT TO ME FOR $12.51. OMG. I'm dying. I'm like... dancing around the office. I can't believe this. I mean-- WTH?! Have you guys ever had this happen before?! This girl is selling a bunch of authentic bags from her personal collection online. I just can't figure out why she chose to end this one early... I'm just like :wtf:

    I'M SO EXCITED!! I had to share. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. u might want to contact her and find out what's going on. hopefully it's just an awesome deal, but I'd make sure it's nothing fishy before paying. just an idea.

    Hope its just a good deal!
  3. Holy Cow!! $12 are you kidding!! It is an awsome bag, I have it in white. You are going to LOVE it!! Congrats now thats a deal and a half!!
  4. Definitely :smile: I've already contacted her.
  5. great! then congrats, i love that color!!
  6. Congrats on that amazing deal!! That bag is just so beautiful IRL. The magenta is TDF! :drool: :drool: Post pics when you get her! :yes:
  7. ^^:huh::blink::weird::amazed::shocked:^^

    Those are the faces that describe that deal!!!!

  8. OmG!!! What a great color and I love the handles!!! She GAVE it to you!
  9. 12 dollars?
    its gonna cost over half that in shipping.
    wow, congrats!
  10. That's awesome! Congrats
  11. what a steal!!! Congrats!
  12. :wtf::wtf:Stunned! Congrats! I love the color.
  13. AWESOME! Great bag and an unbelievable price! you definitely have to post pics once you get it! Congrats!
  14. :wtf:
  15. Sara:

    Congrats on your new bag. It looks great!:yahoo: