** Yet Another Heli Handle Disaster **

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  1. Here we go again. I have been carrying my black Heli I got from the Nordstrom sale for about two weeks. Today, I am at lunch and I look down and one of the handles is detached from the bag. (Just hanging there). A screw is loose on another side. I was noy carrying a heavy load at all. I was not able to call Nordstrom today but I will do so tomorrow. I don't think this is a LVR issue. This is a Chloe quality issue. We need to identify all the ladies who have had problems with the Heli handle and contact Chloe corporate. I have contacted them before regarding a pair of shoes and they were very nice. Since it is black, I think I can request a return it and get a refund (which mean you will find a black Heli at Nordstrom rack soon). I will buy a black again later. I have not tried out the prune yet, I hope the quality is better. Let's get a letter together and let Chloe know. PM me. Tag, I know you had a problem.
  2. I have 2 Heloise, one black python, one Prune...I know we are rarely use the bag, i don't want six monthe later ( just worn 3 time or some like that) and it's broke...it's not fair. We shloud get a letter togetther and Chloe have to recall it.
  3. I don't think they will issue a recall on a bag unless it is a safety issue. What we can do it let them know we are a loyal customer, our web presence, and the probleme we are having. Did you have a problem? I need to get a camera so I can take pictures.
  4. No, I don't ave a problem right now, but as I told you, all my bag rarely touch...actually I just collect them , and sometime I just even touch for twice or three time, but I just affraid 6 month later for 1st time use and it's broken....how come I can claim??? Oh poor all the heloise
  5. This is too horrible for words. I sure hope there is justice in the Chloe world....
  6. Oh dear.....this is not looking good, is it? :s
  7. I had this problem too, with my patent Heli!! I made a big fuss and they( Nordstroms) took it back. First they said because its used they can't take it back( who ever heard that crap from nordies, I believe that was the SA speaking for himself)in the end they did.
    I'm still disappointed though because I really loved that bag!!! I had intentions of getting a few more but not after this.
  8. actually, last season chanel recalled the modern chain bag with the resin chain because it was breaking. so a company will do something if pushed. everyone who has experienced this problem should urge the retailer to notify chloe. it's money out of their pocket so they should be motivated.

    good luck!
  9. ali - I didn't know that happened to you! And you loved that bag! So sorry.:sad:

  10. Icamethisclose to buying the Chanel MC Resin chain handled tote but a warrior tPFer warned me of the perils of such a purchase.:woohoo:
  11. Thanks:love:! Last week, I went to pull my beloved Heli from the dust cover to carry her and upon inspection my worst fear about her was recognized:wtf:, the screw was loose:cursing::crybaby:.
    I am still really bummed. I even contemplated keeping her and watching the screws like a hawk, but that would not be realistic. Running after two little ones and watching the handle...far too much work:sweatdrop:!
  12. Godness, not again :wtf:!
    I can´t believe this disaster with the Helis. Chloé is a luxury brand, bags and clothes are too expensive to have fault of manufacture :sad::cursing:.
  13. Oh no:sad: Now I really am a bit freaked out. My black heloise was my first chloe purchase (Really more of a bal and Chanel girl but i've always admired Chloe from afar). That's the one whose handle detached after 3 uses. I now have the taupe in exchange and I am so in love with it but I don't want it falling apart either. I'd hate for it to break in a couple of months when it is too late to do anything about it.
  14. So sorry....Chloe should definitely do something about it, for an expensive bag like this, this is unacceptable.
  15. It is totally unacceptable. At those prices things like this shouldnt happen. I am sorry about your bag.
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