** Yet Another Heli Handle Disaster **

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  1. I found the screw in the outer pocket. The bag basically fell apart. I am checking the threads for out Chloe friend at Nordstrom Seattle. I can't find my receipt I was so happy when the bag arrived. I took the tags off and started to carry it soon after. Such a shame, everyone loved that bag. I have never seen a bag fall apart like this. I think Mona has the SA's name.
  2. I am happy to report that I returned my Heloise Saturday to my local Nordstrom. Needless to say, the SA was shocked when she saw the bag. I will be contacting a manager as I want to be able to repurchase the Heloise at a later date (once this quility issue has been resolved) at the sale price. For all the ladies with defect bags, we still need to do our letter to Chloe.
  3. I had to return my Heloise when it fell apart. Got it from Saks and thankfully they were very good about it even though it had been a few months. Thanks Saks!!!
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