Yes!! My hunk of Chocolate has arrived!!


Kimmie you must use your.......

  1. 07' fall patchwork wallet!

  2. Chocolate siggy slim envelope!! It looks best!

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  1. Yummm, Yummm!:drool: I sure your all kind of sick of seeing the same bag again and again, Im just so freakin' happy!:yahoo:
    Check out my eBay steal Large choco. siggy Carly! $285 and shipping was FREE!!!:nuts:
    Which wallet do you like best with it? You pick and I'll use:yes::tup:
    Oh yeah, had to add my kiddos initials too:love:
    Ebay Pics 573.jpg Ebay Pics 574.jpg Ebay Pics 575.jpg
  2. aawww.. thats soo cute.. wit the initials!!!~~

    i love the second wallet...
  3. Holy cow!! What a freakin' deal! I like the 2nd one with that bag.
  4. fall patchwork is divine with brown tones...YUM!!! I LOVE!!!!!!
    I can't wait to get my chocolate piece...
    I want the hobo, but I'm wondering if a medium carly would be better in that that on top of the large leather I want, I will have 3 carlys with room for more! LOL
  5. Congrats the bag looks fab and I like the chocolate wallet with it.
  6. I love the Chocolate siggy slim envelope!!!! Yummy together!!!
  7. LOVE the bag! I chose the patchwork, but i MEANT to choose the Signature. OOPS!! Alternate wallets! :smile:
  8. I feel like i should add some defense as to why I chose the patchwork...since I'm like the only one that has!!!

    In pure aesthetic terms, yes matching is GREAT BUT, the beautifulness of the chocolate kind of gets lost on the wallet when you put it in another chocolate thing. The patchwork brightens up more and it will add something special when you pull it out to use it. It just sort of juxtaposes itself against the bag and it will cheer you up more to use it, I think :smile:

    But honestly I would probably take turns with the wallets to give the beautiful chocolate one some wear :smile:
  9. Beautiful!!! Love the initials, too!!! I choose the second wallet - it just goes so perfectly with the bag. Congratulations!
  10. I think the signature wallet looks so classy with the bag. I'm really starting to like this color combination but my sister just bought it so I guess I'll have to find another one. We hang out too much together! Congrats on the great deal!!!
  11. Lol candace! You are so funny:lol: I really love how you put so much thought into your posts! It can really make a girl think:idea:. Your great!!:woohoo:
  12. Please leave a few coins in my guitar case on your way down the street. :wlae:

  13. I voted the 2nd one but meant to vote for the patchwork! If it were me, I'd look in my purse and smile at the patchwork because of all the gorgeous patches all over it! That's how my patent wristlet in magenta is... I just smile when I open my bag and there that pretty color is 'smiling' back at me! So, take away one vote for slim and give it to patchie! LOL! BTW, gorgeous bag! I love it!!
  14. I like to be matchy matchy....that said, I voted for the chocolate signature wallet!
  15. Congrats.. it's beautiful!!!! I chose the chocolate one, to me that matches WAY better :yes: