Would you say you are...

  1. content with your collection so far???? FINALLY I am!:yahoo: I am so sick of buying and then only to resell- I want to be done with it!!! I have bought a lot of bags that I ended up reselling b/c they didn't work with me~ not that they weren't anything less then beautiful but I am finally happy with what I have! I know also that none will be left in the closet for long~ all my colors work for me! Who else is HAPPY with what they have?
  2. I am pretty happy with my collection, especially my older bags.:love:

    I think the only bag I really want now is a mint condition Bubblegum city, I really love that color and of course eventually I would love to also find a flat brass first.

    But overall I am happy with what I have now. I even canceled by Blue India pre-order, I've bought too many bags this month.:shame:
  3. I'm happy with what I have now but find myself still wanting MORE:nuts: . It's never ending...so happy? yes. Content? Nope:P
  4. I am! Well, about 90% content. As far as older bags are concerned, I am done and am happy with the ones I have. Done with that tumultous trip to rare b-bag ownage! Looking forward to future styles and colors now! It's quite liberating actually. :yahoo:
  5. :confused1:
    ummm, at this very second as I type this out I'm happy with my b-bag collection... BUT I'm still looking for some certain colours and styles.... LOL ask me this question next week and I'll probably say something completely different!!! :lol:
  6. Me! I'm happy because I still haven't purchased that first one.......The possibilities are too many. So for now, lusting after, but quite happy. :smile:
  7. well.... I am...but I can never resist when I see a new one that I love. I inherited this horrible trait from my mother. :lol: Over half of the bags I have, (ppor things) have never seen the light of day. They are in the closet in their dustbags. I need to sell some that I am never going to use, but I am too lazy to list them on Ebay. :yes:
    I am really anxious to see the spring colors. I got am sort of wanting a Hobo Bbag, but they look so long that I am afraid I won't like it. The others don't interest me because if they don't have a good strap for my shoulder, I tend to not use them much.
  8. hmmmm. not yet. I still want a couple more colors. Perhaps a lilac someday.
  9. Not yet...I'm on my way though! I want to get one in most of the popular shapes/sizes (ie, First, City, Twiggy, etc.). It's fun though, the collecting...what can I say, I like the hunt!
  10. do you ladies think that I am happy w/ my bags? LOL:heart: :yahoo:
  11. nope..not happy yet!

    i still need a few more styles (first, box, tiwggy) in different colours (blues, red, black)
  12. um. yeah. :P
  13. no way man... no way. I'm just getting started!
  14. I just started b-bags so I am in the " I want more !" mood.
  15. Nope, I always want more!