Would you rehab this bag??

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  2. Yours is gorgeous HG condition! :yes:
    Look, I know people need to sell their bags, but c'mon . . .
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    It's getting close to Halloween. Need to find a scary Nubuc to post. :lol: A Frankenbag . . .
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    But in the meanwhile . . .
    When I first began rehabbing, I wanted to find a Brit, Tabac, putty bag that was some what distressed but definitely short of being trashed, to clean and condition, to see if I could get neutral that would look attractively distressed. And I did find a Brit City bag and we are lol, happily ever after.
    If you like that look, this Oliver is a candidate . . .
    NA, but not setting off anything on my radar, you may want to confirm with seller there is no funkiness inside, maybe get a pic . . .
    I already have an Ollie, got a soft spot for them.
    Editted to add, that zipper is missing a pull tab, the close up of the teeth, could it be broken?? Beware.
  7. That one will give you the horrors all right! It's filthy!
    I also like the Oliver. I rehabbed one in BT also as one of my first ever rehabs. I haven't used it for a long time though but I did when I first got it.
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  8. No lol. My first true rehabs was a pair of bags, one of which was a putty/tabac CC! So this would be a dupe. Truth be told I have a bunch to rehab, as well as a few I have been using that need conditioning. I am mustering the energy to go fold laundry and then purge a few things from my closet! I did some eBay surfing for a little R&R this am! But I really should not be buying any bag unless it is a HG.
    Probably some lurker bought it, will condition it and flip it for $75. *waves to lurkers*
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  9. Good luck getting $75 for it! The last time I got a convertible clutch I said it was the last time I would rehab one. Those corners annoy me. I want to straighten them out.
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