Would you rehab this bag??

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  3. Me too. Wish those watchers well!
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  5. At first, I thought maybe thus was a more recent bag ( I am not familiar with the current styles that are based on elements from vintage bags) that was made in this color!

    God only knows. I mean really ... I sure as shoot don't.
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  6. I think this style just came out last year. I'm curious to see if someone will pay $199 for it!
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  7. I guess it’s not the worst one we’ve seen.
    It could make a cute travel/makeup bag, but not for $150!
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  9. Yeah me too. I've already got a failed one of those too (broken zipper and some stains) so that puts me off that one.
    I love Rambler's but I would say no to this one due to splits on the edges. There are plenty of these out there too.