Would you rehab this bag??

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  1. Nice! I love it!
  2. No ink stains. I just won’t carry the bag no matter how concealed they are.
    In fact, I won’t even carry a pen without it being in my Coach pen holder thingy.
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    I agree! And sometimes a "Coach pen holder thingy" can be a very chic and attractive accessory! Like my Nubuck Bleecker Pencil Case 64544 BQP in Sharkskin/Natural that I picked up at the Men's Outlet for only $21 a few years ago (MSRP = $68).

    It's gorgeous, compact and roomy and I happily switch it from bag to bag; it is one of my favorite small leather goods!

    PencilCaseBleecker64544_002.jpg PencilCaseBleecker64544_004.jpg



  4. So much fancier than mine!
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  5. I hadn't seen that one before, it is sleek, attractive, and compact!
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  6. And it matches all my other black accessories that I can just swap from bag to bag. I even carry a Sharpie in it. Holds up to 3 writing implements.
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  7. Yes, I do have two commandments! No bidding late at night and no bidding on pics from a 7" tablet. Pics must be seen on big huge work moniter!!
  8. 20180822_175701.jpg
  9. Perfect, everybody love Snoopy!
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  10. Good ones! And bidding while sipping wine is also forbidden!
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  11. No B(idding)UI! I approve!
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