Would you rehab this bag??

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  1. I've been bitten by the rehab bug. No doubt about it. It's a lot of fun to take a bag that's been used and maybe neglected by a prior owner who did not know how to or was not motivated to clean and condition the fabulous glove-tanned leather that put Coach on the map. And often, one gets an amazing bargain as well. And I am in good company with a whole bunch of others who like to rehab Coach leather.
    So while looking for bargains and Holy Grail bags online, I run across bags that bring the phrase Hot Mess to a new level! But one woman's Hot Mess bag is another woman's rehab challenge. How far gone is split piping before you throw in the puff/acrylic paint brush? Would you be willing to find someone to do luggage repair? It is really patina like the seller indicates, or is just a yucky stain? You decide. And possibly the two most dreaded words to a rehabber: shoe polish.
    So go ahead and post links to bags. Bags that you might think would make a great rehab (but your pile is already too high), bags that you might like some feedback about how realistic a rehab would be (yes, I actually posted a link to a Barclay that had chewed dowels) and bags that just make you say "Really? Really?"
    So let's get started. Take this bag. Now, I have a soft spot for British Tan. Really. Buttttt, it looks really dry, almost *crispy*. But I am none the less, intrigued.
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  2. I might be totally crazy but I think that bag would come up beautifully with a long warm soak and a few applications of obenaufs. :smile:

    But I was just looking at this and split piping... no on this black kisslock tote. I have 2 in this style already where I have given up on trying to repair the piping. It's the angle of the corners that is just too hard to repair and seems prone to splitting:

    Great idea for a thread. I have a few to add!
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  4. I had a look at the skinny tote which the seller refers to as in "very good vintage condition" with "scuffing". Really???
  5. This bucket style comes up alot online (it seems in a few styles) and I have seen people show them rehabbed on the Rehab thread and they look lovely. Sigh, so many bags . . .
  6. Ikr, I would expect scuffing to mean some scrape marks at worst, not a piece of leather worn through and missing.
    Note to seller: We have eyes.
  7. OMG! What a beautiful bag but looking rather unfortunate at this state. I think it can be restored if you have lots of time and patience and maybe cash if you have to send it out to a leather restorer.

    Looks like it needs a good cleaning and conditioning.
  8. Sad. I have this exact bag in near mint condition. It's adorbs.

    Here's a beauty of a stain on this baby, wouldn't attempt rehab IMO:
  9. Yikes! At first I thought you meant photo #4, then I got to photo #6. Agreed, would not attempt.
  10. .
  11. Wow.

    I think they need to change the descriptor from "distressed" to "zombie". That poor bag :sad: I don't think there is any coming back for that one.
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  12. I don't even think I would know where to begin with this bag. I am just so, so curious about it got in this condition.
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