Would You/Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday

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  1. I actually only have one ring. It's a larger ring and I wear it all the time. I only take it off to clean it or deep clean the house (which is very seldom....LOL).
  2. Hi,

    Just wondering if you guys*

    1. wearing your ering everyday? and

    2. do you have it insured?
  3. Well, I do, but I am not married yet. I think when I do get married, I will be wearing my ring most days and would wear the band all the time.

    I do have my ring insured. I used Geico for my renter's insurance, and I insured it under that.
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    I wore my e ring every day for about 15 years, wore it next to my wedding band. Then for our 15th anniversary hubby bought me a diamond wedding band. I stopped wearing the ring then because I didn't like the way it looked with the new wedding band so i had the e ring turned into a solitaire necklace.

    Oh, and yes, all my jewelry is covered under my homeowner's policy that I have through Geico/traveler's
  5. Yes, and yes!
  6. I wear my ring almost every day. But not while doing work with my hands, at the gym, showering, etc.

    My rings are all insured. Every piece of jewelry I own is. I think it's completely insane to not have the jewelry insured, even if you can easily afford to replace it. Peace of mind!
  7. I wear my engagement ring everyday. As for insurance, I just got the ring appraised so it will be insured soon.
  8. Yes....I wear my ring everyday.......I'd feel naked w/o it!

    And yes.....it's insured.
  9. I don't wear my e ring everyday, too much bling, but I wear my wedding band everyday no matter what.
    And yes it is insured because it is quite exp.
  10. yes & yes
  11. Yes to every day, yes to insured.
  12. Yes and yes. My hubby bought my wedding band with the thought that it could be worn alone, but I'm so used to wearing my e-ring, I still do every day!
  13. I wear my e-ring almost everyday, my band everyday and both are insured.
  14. I wear my e-ring almost every day. The exception is when I go boxing, since it's probably not a good idea to wear my diamonds while I hit something repeatedly.

    My fiance wouldn't give me my ring until it was insured.
  15. Smart fiance!

    I don't wear mine at the gym (ANY jewelry) unless I am on the recumbent bike for cardio and not doing anything besides that.
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