Would You/Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday

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  1. 1} yes - everyday and everywhere including the gym - but NOT amusements parks!
    2} I suck, no and I REALLY need to :shucks:

  2. 2. Swanky, didn't we have this conversation when you got your ring and you were going to do it? You have the appraisal, put it in an envelope and send it to your insurance company. Would you not want to expire if the stone fell out or someone held you up demanding your ring and it was not insured? You are much too smart to have let it go for so long:no-good:

    I wear mine everyday and yes it is insured so I can smile when my mother says, "someday someone is going to hit you on the head and steal your ring" I just smile and say, "that is why I pay so much to have it insured":biggrin:
  3. I would DIE! I know, I soooo need to do this. My insurance agent for our home and car said I'd be better off w/ independent insurance for it elsewhere - basically didn't want to insure it and I've been lazy :shucks:
  4. i don't wear it everyday. I have my wedding band daily though.
    Nope, I don't insure it
  5. I don't understand why he is sending you elsewhere. They just add a jewelry floater (there is also another name for it but senior moment) and list all your jewelry, silver, etc. You should also get a better rate since he has your homeowners and car. Find out the reason he is telling you this.:winkiss:
  6. he looked a little scared when he saw it. . . . I should call and ask. We get amazing rates and service from him :-s Maybe I'll call and ask him again. I remember him saying if something happened to it I may not be happy w/ them or something{?}
  7. That is ridiculous. I am sure you have "value replacement" as part of your coverage. He is insuring an expensive home and 2 expensive autos and he is telling you you might not be happy? Maybe not happy with the premium but he is an idiot to turn down insuring your ring. Find out what the story is!
  8. weird right!? I need to insure a few pieces, I'll call and ask again.
  9. Get on the horn to chubb asap!
  10. I wear mine everyday right now but am still engaged and not married, so that's not unusual. Whenever we do get married though, I will still wear my engagement ring everyday. I adore this ring. It's so beautiful and even though I've had it since February, I still stare at it at least 10 times a day. *LOL* I would be so sad not to wear it anymore. I do take it off when I shower though and whenever I do laundry.

    I don't have it insured yet, I really need to get on that. I asked the jeweler who made my ring (it was sort of a custom job) who she would recommend and she gave me the info for the company she uses for her personal pieces and her store. I have the appraisal and everything but, just like Swanky, I've been lazy and haven't gotten the ball rolling on it yet. I really need to.
  11. ^ They were really lucky and smart they had it insured before the proposal.

    I think it was last year or the year before that that a man proposed on a pier and a big wave took the girl in the ocean and she drown. I just remembered it! Terrible story.
  12. I was told the same thing Swanky. I don't recall the specifics, but I also remember my agent telling me to go to an actual jewelry insurance company if I really wanted solid coverage.

    Then, I went to an actual company and you get a few choices on how you want coverage. At the time, I was insuring a very large tennis bracelet. The premium, I felt, was ridiculous. It allowed me to have the piece completely replaced no questions asked, BUT there was a catch. I could not go to just any jeweler that I chose. I had to go to a specific one on their approved list. The jeweler I purchased this piece from was not on the list and it was/still is a very large respectable/well known company. This did not sit well with me. I still insured it and paid heftily, but after several years I dropped the policy.

    You really have to be very careful and know your policy. You really need to make sure you are covered like you want to be covered. I guess what I am saying is just because you think you have insurance doesn't mean it is what you really want for coverage.
  13. I wear mine almost every day, and my husband REFUSES to insure it! Grrrr.
  14. I got the insurance on my own. The minute I got home from DH's the day after he proposed I called for insurance. I usually pay for it each year.