Would You/Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday

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  1. I have never taken my engagement ring off since I was married. :love:

    Would you, Do you wear your engagement ring everyday ?
  2. I don't wear mine every day. I have a marquise engagement ring that is bezel set in an east-west direction in white gold. My wedding band is vintage style with a small east west baguette and two small diamonds. I wear the wedding band the most.
  3. I wear my engagement ring every day.
  4. I hardly ever wear my engagement ring. I do wear my wedding band every day. My main reason is that I work in a semi-industrial type of environment. It's not atypical for me to go into an engineering plant and check out components and see how well they are functioning. People have lost fingers where I work from machinery and getting their fingers caught. Rings have also saved their fingers from being completely crushed too... so it's one way or another. So I worry about that. I also worry about losing it. I would love to wear it all the time though.
  5. I dont wear mine every day. Its a princess cut and the mounting is high up and it catches on everything. Sometimes I just wear the bands depending on what I have planned.
  6. nope. I don't wear my rings every day. My ring is set VERY high and I am around little ones when I teach (18 mo - 5). And playing sports I am bound to scratch them somehow. So, I don't when I am around the kiddies. but when I am in the grown up world with other grown ups, yes, I keep them on. :smile:
  7. I don't wear mine everyday-- but wear my wedding ring and anniversary band everyday
  8. I wear my wedding/engagement ring about once every 6 months...
  9. Wow I am so surprised by the answers! I wear my engagement ring and wedding ring everyday! I have not taken mine off except to clean daily. (I like my diamonds dazzling!). It never even occured to me not to wear it . Its simply the most beautiful thing I own.

  10. I have my engagement ring attached (at the back tip) to my wedding ring so it doesn't twirl around- so it's on me everyday!
  11. I wear my engagement ring everyday! The rare days that I forget to put it on, I feel naked.
  12. selena....how do you clean your engagement ring? :shame:

    i dont' have one yet but if i did i'd wear it every day :P
  13. Nope, like others, mine is very high and I have actually cut myself and my children with it. I wear my anniversary band everyday, however. I don't think I have worn my actual wedding band since the day we married. It is a very simple white gold band - all we could afford at the time. :smile: This year is our 10 year anny...maybe time for a new ring???
  14. Yes I wear mine everyday for sure!
  15. I wear my ring every day. It's a large dark blue Sapphire set within platinum "leaves," and it's made to be durable. (I got to design it myself!)

    I tend to be clumsy and accident prone, and I'm very active (BAD combination--my poor husband!:lol: ) so I need a durable ring!!!