Would you buy an LV that has been on display?

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  1. I just checked my date codes on the display I took home today it was made the 20th week of 2019 so I don't think it was there too long since it came from France. I think popular bags don't spend too much time being touched in store.
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  3. .
  4. Canvas integrity? No.
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  5. I have a feeling that they rotate items in and out of display kinda like Hermès. I wouldn’t mind because there’s a chance that the item in the back had been on display before.
  6. Heat can degrade certain materials over time. I haven’t tested the canvas or know enough to be sure; I’m just pointing out something that is not completely impossible as a scientist. You can disagree, that’s fine. I’m not a particularly picky person when it comes to my bags. I have brought home bags with less than perfect zippers, display items, and things that many people here would call “defects”. :smile:
  7. I am the king of leaving my LV out in the extreme heat, boy can the canvas can flex 90 degrees when hot! But I haven't dared to flex them though. :P
  8. That’s good, glad to hear.
  9. But I wanted to share, it better not to leave your LV out in the heat. I do feel like overtime it going to damage them for sure.
  10. Depending on how hard to find the item was, I would. If there isn’t any damage why not?