Would you buy an LV that has been on display?

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  1. I bought my 2016 Speedy 30 from the display in Herald's Square. There was another one from the back but the leather looked crinkled on the sides of the bag and the display looked better. The SA also stated it was not on display long. No returns and never thought of it again until I saw this post.
  2. Hate to break it to you, but virtually every bag in the store has been handled. I was in there today and they had two of the particular bag I was interested in.... we were two customers who looked at them... one on the shelf and one from the drawer. Neither one of us bought that perticular bag. I took longer ... so my “drawer bag” ended up on the display shelf.....f you want one that is “virgin”.... order it online.... but you always run the risk that it is a return.
  3. Haven’t even thought of it until this post. I am that person who buys the bag that I see and like from the display. My Alma PM and the new locky bb are 2 I am sure I got from the display. I inspect for scratches /issues etc but if it’s pristine I don’t care.
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  4. Yes, most of the time, they only get one of each bag (depending on style/color)!
  5. If there's nothing wrong eg. wrongly handled, why not?
  6. I try not to buy a bag that was on display. However I have bought a couple that were on display.
  7. My croisette was the display model but I loved it and it was the last one in stock. It’s perfect, so I don’t mind at all. Plus I feel like most of the bags in store have been handled at one point or another, so it’s not a big deal unless it was scratched or something.
  8. I have. my papillon was in the window. she is still perfect several years later.... enjoy it!
  9. My Mono Artsy was a display bag. Last one left in store, and I came ready to buy. There was some ever-so-slight patina on the handle -- barely noticeable. Didn't bother me!
  10. IMG_2575.JPG
    I bought this bag off the display because it was the last one in Seoul.
  11. It’s beautiful. :heart:Enjoy using it. :smile:
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  12. Gorgeous, I have it in denim and marine rouge!
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  13. Thanks so much everyone for all the messages of reassurance. I had read a few people before mentioning to never buy one and I was wondering if I was he only one ok with it :smile:
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  14. I would... As long as it's perfect condition :smile:
  15. Yes I would
    If I desperately want it
    Last piece great price why not