Would you buy an LV that has been on display?

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  1. I was recently in Paris and found the LV I wanted (Tuileries satchel) they only had the one in display, so I bought it as it seemed in great condition although it had been out for a couple of weeks. The bag looks great but I am now wondering if I did the right trying on such expensive bag :sad:
  2. If it looks great, why not? Even the bags they pull from behind the counter have most likely been handled.
  3. Yes, I have purchased a display model in my case the Sully MM back in 2015. I visited a few boutiques and each typically only had one in stock. The one I got was in great condition so I was very happy with it.
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  4. I know you wanted such a beautiful bag at that point in time; especially being and getting it in Paris. Since there is nothing wrong with it, enjoy it. :smile:

    I know sometimes I go to a boutique and there is only one available; knowing it’s been handled umpteen times; but if I truly wanted it at that particular moment, I would buy it.

    Sometimes we have to bite the bullet, so to speak.

    Enjoy your beautiful purchase.
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  5. Yes I would and I have.
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  6. Knowing that most bags "on display" are sold and replaced often, sometimes several times per day, I would have no issue buying a bag on display... and I have done so many times!!!
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  7. Bags are constantly rotated. What was on display today is probably out the back tomorrow. This whole idea about freahly from out the back is a myth, unless just received in the store. Many times I go in to look at a bag that I saw previously on the shelf only to see it has gone and when I inquire about it, they bring it out from the back. To me it is no big deal, my Capucines was on display on and off for weeks before I bought it.
  8. Of course I would.
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  9. Minks4all YouTube Channel doesn’t purchase anything on “display”. She saw a bag in the boutique and then “politely” as she always does, demanded a fresh piece sent from the warehouse. Little do they know those pieces could have been from an Online return. I think it’s utterly rediculous, unless there is a damage on the piece, especially considering how often they rotate their bags...
  10. I have purchased bags on display because I noticed that I tend to try on bags that aren’t on display from the draws or cabinet - so I figured they’re all getting handled one way or another. The only thing I prefer not to purchase from display are the shawls because they get snagged so easily and people are always touching them, unrolling them and trying them on.
  11. yes
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  12. I’ve bought many bags on display. I look them over carefully, and if everything looks fine, it goes home with me.
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  13. Sure I would. These days we're lucky to find any bags we want available and on the shelf!
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  14. Yup! I have. It looked brand new!
  15. Yes, I have bought display bags. It doesn't bother me.
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