Why is Coach shutting down the Outlet Facebook Pages?

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  1. I noticed two of the outlets I watch on Facebook put this message on their outlet page, has anyone heard anything as to why they are all of the sudden shutting them down?

    From Coach Las Vegas Outlet Center - Las Vegas South https://www.facebook.com/coachlasvegasoutletcenter

    "Thank you for being a loyal fan of Coach. As of March 11th, we will say goodbye to this page, but you can stay informed about Coach news and events by signing up here: http://******/1fe6Zzg"
  2. They are inviting everyone to sign up for FOS? Maybe they intend to move away from invitation only sales to having it open all the time?
  3. I think that is a fake, I got a malware virus warning when I tried to click on that "stay informed" link.
  4. Really? It took me to the FOS sign up page.
  5. This is what I get when I click on that link but perhaps my firewalls are being overly protective!

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  6. Katev, when I click on it, it goes to fos sign up page
  7. I get the log on page for FOS too. The odd thing is the Facebook pages for the outlets in my area don't have that message.
  8. That came to mind...I guess we will see. Milpitas has that message today too. I wonder if anyone else has seen it?
  9. I just checked and my outlet's FB page doesn't have it. As a matter of fact, they just posted a few days ago that they would be having "special offers" for their FB followers and to "stay tuned" and share the post so that others could take advantage of them.....but then, it's Coach, so who knows?! :shrugs:
  10. It must be my security program but I was able to go to the facebook page for my local outlets without getting a shutdown message.
  11. I'm actually rather surprised that Coach Corporate allows individual outlets to have their own social media pages. Usually that stuff is pretty tightly controlled by headquarters/PR peoples.
  12. This. They have social media marketing teams and they don't want any representation done at the store level. So I'm also surprised they've allowed them thus far.
  13. They not only allow it, they encourage it. It's part of the competition for sales. Our store had a chart of the other stores in our region, and we were competing for "likes". The stores do have to follow rules in their postings, it's not a free-for-all. We were supposed to mention the fb page to all the customers.

  14. Ah, so you work for Coach? Do they not mind their employees identifying themselves in forums like this? I always thought that was frowned upon.

    "Real bad girls move in silence-CC"
  15. Tuscola and Commerce both just posted the messages about shutting down the FB pages.