Why I will not buy any more LV...

  1. ... at least not in Singapore. (Sorry, long rant post ahead)

    Barely a month ago, I stepped into my local boutique to enquire the price of a few items: 1) Pegase porte-document bag for my mom's mother's day gift 2) pomme zippy wallet and 3) pomme agenda. I was told the Pegase was SGD1760, zippy SGD 800 and agenda SGD500. Good, I said. But I didn't buy it then because I wanted to make sure my mother actually wanted her bag, and I was considering my choices for zippy and agenda.

    About a week or so ago, I went in again with fellow tPFers after our meetup and again I enquired about the zippy. This time, I was told it was SG 1090! I was incredulous that the price would suddenly increase within a span of about three weeks, because the last genericc LV price increase was last year, and our new increase in sales tax only takes effect in July. No reason to have a sudden increase, right?

    Today, I stepped in again with my dad to get my mom's bag. We fully expected to pay SGD1760 but were told instead that the bag was SGD2060. :wtf: The SA himself said (while we were still contemplating purchase) that it was SGD1760 - I asked him for the price of the bag at least twice and both times the answer was the same. Just as I fill in my name on the sales invoice and he's about to ring up my purchase, he comes back and says "Sorry Ma'am, the price is actually $2060." And I'm like WHAT?! I tell him about the same thing in price differences that I've been hearing from different SAs within the store.

    And this is the best part - he tells me that things like that do occur because 1)sometimes the price inside the computer system is wrong and 2)the SAs are new and they are unsure of the price.

    So here's why I have decided to wash my hands off buying LV. I find it hard to believe that the computer system will tell different SAs different prices. If it's a glitch, you should have realized it on the day itself and tell me either to wait while the system connects back up so you can check the CORRECT price for me, instead of throwing up some random estimate. Secondly, I do not throw thousands of dollars on a good just to be given shoddy customer service. Surely with the profits LV makes they would think to provide ample and sufficient training for their SAs? And telling me one price and literally ten seconds later telling me another price that is 300$ more is ridiculous. I did not simply ask once, I asked twice. That should have been enough time for anyone to correct a mistake.

    I've had it with LV and their customer service. I can take price increases - I understand costs and inflation increase so I'm cool with that. But you cannot have me go in the store, and tell me there's a price increase every other week or have varying prices between every other SA. It's ridiculous. Until LV brushes up their SA training and makes sure they are each adequately trained, I think I will be taking my money elsewhere. I think for the amount of money I'm parting with, I deserve to go away with a shopping experience that is good and happy instead of one that is lousy.
  2. I hear you with some of the SAs! Sorry about your experience, but Im sure SAs do get it wrong sometimes! Dont let this put you off LV!!! Just go to a different boutique!
    With the shoddy SAs, theres this one SA who i really do not like, today when i went into the boutique i said hi but carried on up the stairs away from her, so i didnt have to deal with her, kwim, so yeh just stay away from the uninformed SAs and not lovely LV! xx
  3. awww dearest pyrexia i am so sorry about your experience.. please dont let this end your LV love.. indeed it is truely a bad experience and it would've drove any one nuts.. but dear do give it another chance.. i went to LV DFS galleria in singapore (when i was in vacation a few weeks back) and the two SAs i dealt with there were the sweetest ever on planet earth and knew exactly what they were talking about always and ever. and even my sister in law said the SA she dealt with in LV N g ann city was so great.
    i hope u never go into such an experience again..:sad:
  4. But it isn't very possible for the Pomme Zippy to be at SGD800...Because from the prices I saw on the UK LV site it says 335 POUNDS...if we were to convert it it is about 1005 before taxes. So the price is abit above it to be correct.

    Hmm...seems like the SA is alittle dumb when it comes to prices. TELL ME WHICH ONE...I M GONNA GET A BIG DISCOUNT :p :p
  5. ^^^true...
  6. wow. yea i don't think i'd every buy from a store a like that.
  7. sorry to hear about your negative experience pyrexia. are there other lv stores in singapore that you can try out? sometimes i find doing all the research online before going in is the only way to argue about the price (if the SA is uninformed). dont give up on LV!
  8. Don't let your experience with one SA soil your love for the beautiful product!
  9. Sorry cfor your horrible experience-that store sounds not only incompetent but shady. I hope you don't give up on LV.
  10. I can certainly understand your upset Pyrexia, that is not professional at all.
  11. omg i bought a couple of things from the LV boutique in Ngee Ann City before and have yet to meet such a BLUR SA.. im sorry to hear that your shopping experience was ruined.. :sad: i would be terribly annoyed/irritated if that happened to me.. *hug* :flowers:
  12. I agree. That's why I stay with my SA. It's hard for me to venture off and buy from another SA because of this. I rather go to someone I know and trust.
  13. awww i am soo sorry about the horrible experience @ ur LV boutique. Please do voice your experience to store, Area Manager or Regional Director as this SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING! I am sorry, but if a store were to label a amount different than systm, store always honor the labeled price b/c it's their mistake.
  14. eks sorry to hear about your terrible experience!

    i always visit the one at raffles hotel, that's the best imo! the SAs are attentive and nice (: did you go to the ngee ann city one? i hate that place - it's like a market place!
  15. ^I know that the Ngee Ann city one is awful. I used to have a friend working there, but no longer does, and I used to complain how awful the customer service was. I don't usually buy LV as well. But may be picking up a Damier Azur keepall. =)