Why do u spend thousands on a bag?!

  1. To be honest? Because I'm a slave for Brandname and I love to have the original ones. I can't see a studded bag without thinking of Balenciaga and the quilted bags without thinking of Chanel and I want the real deal, not the wanna-be. I know designer gets inspired by each other all the time, but I'm a sucker like that. I just can't settle. Now, that I've sunk more than I should have on bags, I think it's time I should sit back and enjoy. :smile: Yeah... Maybe until something catch my interest again. ;)
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    I think for some of us, once we get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and standard of life we don't go back. Ive always been obsessed with handbags, thats my thing. I used to yearn for LV when I was in college. Been there done that. Then various fashion or the "it" bag. Then I went to Prada, then Chanel. Then BV. But once you get a taste of the finer things in life then it's hard to go back if that thing is so important to you. For me now, it's nothing but Hermes that gives me the ultimate rush and happiness. I love the quality. Love the classic design. My taste has developed and I know myself more now that I'm in my thirties. Increase income and ability to afford nicer things is another factor. I don't just go out and buy just any (cheap) bags anymore as it doesn't last long and it looks cheap. I just can't get myself to do it. Not a snob but just don't care for cheap or trendy bags. Only with bags that I'm truly picky. I wait to have the right Hermes bag when it becomes available as I know that I'm not wasting $$ with Hermes as I know I'm getting what I'm spending. Chanel prices are so ridiculous now that I won't buy it because the quality does not match the price. I will however, spend on BV as I know and trust its quality of the leather. So no, I'm not going to spend thousands just on any bag. I splurge on some BV and most H bags because its one thing that makes me insanely happy. I can sometimes wear cheap Zara shirts or non designer clothes, but my goodness, with bags (and shoes too) I'm like it has to be amazing and beautiful. Otherwise I'll save my $ and won't buy random bags. The impulsive buy doesn't work for me now as I'd rather buy something that I'm going to cherish for a long time, not just in the moment.
  3. Well said.
  4. Perfect way to sum it up!
  5. This thread is hilarious!

    As a straight guy who likes clothes himself but I also love comic books. I've literally have spent 10K on a single one! So I understand and have no problem is my wife/girlfriend were to ever drop 2K on a purse, if she loves it and doesn't go into debt over it. You only live once, so go for it!
  6. Funny you should say that. Know a guy who also collects comic books. Cashed in a few of them for the down payment on his house...or was it to pay for his house? I forget. Either way, works for me. Maybe some of our bags can generate the same revenue.
  7. Yes!
  8. I think the answer is that I've always had an eye for aesthetics, and it just so happens that a lot of items I find beautiful now are also expensive. However, I never cared about or noticed designer items on people and in stores until I started working a few years ago; I'm a lawyer so I became very quickly surrounded with designer items at work. Several women in my office bought designer items, and one of my close friends bought an LV bag, so I became inspired to look around to see what kinds of things I could afford.

    Now I own about 10 designer bags which I find not only beautiful but are tangible reminders of and rewards for the hard work I've done all my life to get to where I am today. Planning and saving to buy luxurious items generally also gives me something fun to look forward to at the end of a period of hard work. But don't get me wrong: I love my career way more than I like designer items! I wouldn't have one without the other.
  9. Because of the quality and style. :tup:
  10. I cannot justify to myself doing this too. Someday maybe, just not in the near future. I need a flat of my own first.
  11. I really like this thought process!
  12. 1/4 of snob, 1/4 of style, 1/4 of pride, 1/4 of quality.
  13. 1. Because I find them aesthetically pleasing and 2. Because they are more affordable than watches and pens
  14. The bags I like just happen to cost a lot. If they were cheaper, I would still buy them.

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    Very honest