Why Are You Hooked On Rm

Sep 2, 2007
My hubby, a psychiatrist, is trying understand my RM frenzy. I tried to explain it to him logically, but he still doesn't get it. Maybe because my obsession defies logic, maybe its emotional.... I have no real insight.

All I can say is that my first foray into these purses was at her sample sale in Janurary 2008. I actually met Rebecca, and I instantly liked her. For me, I think Rebecca herself was my initial attraction to her purses, she seems like such a sweet and genuine person. Plus, I find her purses so artistic and creative.

Why are you hooked:shrugs:


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Oct 10, 2006
I've been looking for an HG brand of bag for years.. this coming from a girl who was never really "into" bags. None of the usual popular bag brands caught my eye. It was only until I started visiting the RM subforum that I was HOOKED! I love her simple, yet classic pieces (Like the MAM/MAB) and the colors offered are TDF!! RM bags are perfect for any outfit and any time of day, season, etc. Absolutely timeless as well IMO! :tup:


Aug 12, 2007
It's an interesting question and I'm still trying to figure my own obsession out. I think the styles are unique and are very well-suited to showing off the amazing range of rich, deep colors that RM uses. And they're so versatile, especially the MA/MAB since they can be a work bag or a cool casual bag.


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Nov 19, 2006
1) I don't like "hobo" style bags in general...but I love the Nikki! Such a modern shape, and it always looks stylish in the colors RM does. This bag takes me from day to night and feels comfortable on my shoulder...

2) The MAB / MAM are so classically styled, and in the colors available, you can never go wrong.

These are the reasons why I fell in love!


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Mar 30, 2006
I had never owned many bags until 2 months ago. I had 4 bags a couple of Pradas, a Longchamp and a Fendi. The one I used most of the time is the black Longchamp. I got hooked on RM because I visited the tPF a couple of months ago and saw all the posts relative to RM and looked at all the bags and immediately loved the styles and colors. I am now the owner of 2 MAM's a Black/Pewter and an eggplant, 2 mini Nikkis a Seafoam and a Ruby and a dark grey matinee. These were all purchased in about 2 months. For me the tPF is definitely an enabler and I do have to stop myself from being caught up in all the excitement so that I do not go completely overboard. My one rule is not to buy more than I can afford. I pay off my credit cards in full every month which makes me plan and budget every purchase. If I did not do this I think I would purchase a lot more RM's. The reason I love this brand is because the styles are great there are not a lot of logos all over the outside of the bag, which personally I do not like. The colors and the leather is gorgeous and they are made in the US which is important to me.
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Mar 24, 2008
I agree with all of the above.

Plus, and this is a big thing for me, the bag is not plastered in logos. Her bags don't scream "look at me and the status symbol I'm wearing!!!" I appreciate that. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the classic LV and Gucci monograms every now and then too, I even have some, but I'm just kinda over it and all the fakes that are out there. I would rather spend my money on real leather rather than coated canvas or plastic. Her bags are classy, tasteful, well made and stylish in a non-obvious way and I can tell that I will get years of use from them.

The materials, colors and styles are the perfect storm of bags for me. This is why I have become obsessed.

Heidi Sr.

Apr 4, 2007
Why I am an afficianado:
Specifically the MA and MAM.
THey are a timeless, classic shape that looks great with any occasion, from the most casual day to dressed up.
They are NOT covered in bling and logos.
They will look just as great when I am carrying them 20years from now as they do today.
I dont see everyone and their grandma carrying one.

The leathers and COLORS are divine.
Quality is excellent, RM goes out of her way for her loyal customers and they are made in the USA!!!

Did I mention the pretty colors and yummy leather?


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Nov 13, 2006
Lol, I haven't even seen a RM bag in person, but I've already pre-ordered my first RM bag. I can't wait to receive it! :nuts:

Numerous times, I've tried to explain my handbag obsession to my boyfriend. He doesn't understand what a high I get when I take a sniff out of my wonderful leather purses. Or when we're driving in his car, I hold my bag on my lap. He keeps telling me that I can put it on the floor on in the back seat, but he doesn't understand that I WANT to hold my bag on my lap. :lol: Sometimes there isn't any logical explanation. You just love what you love. :love:


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Sep 30, 2007
well, i like leather and RM leather is luscious.
RM is really classic but w/ a little edge.
the price point isn't too bad **specifically** for bags made in the USA.
and the other thing is while there are lots to choose from there isn't too much to choose from. like w/ Coach, they come out w/ new bags every other month. it's too much to keep up with, IMO!


Jan 26, 2008
Unmatched color selection, amazing leather, functionality, not plastered with logos, and attentiveness of RM to her customers. Within the mid-range bags, I think they are by far the best in terms of quality, style and slection. Even compared to many higher end brands, I would still choose RM. I love having a bag that few other people have but everyone wants to know what it is :shame:


Oct 6, 2006
I was a die-hard Kooba girl for a long time, but I fell out of love with the disappointing recent seasons. I have purchased a few newer Koobas, but I have been dying for a new HG brand. It was the signatures of TPF-ers in Kooba-land that made me 1st get interested- I had to know what "RM" was, living in the south we don't get much of the NYC buzz! Since then I've fallen in love w/ the simplicity of the styles and color choices, as many of you have said.


Mar 19, 2006
First, he's a man so can't 'get it' totally! I can explain to my dh all day long but he just doesn't get it! He just knows it's how I am. But here are a few reasons for me because I totally understand why RM is so attractive to me.

1) I can wear a high quality bag which I have come to appreciate (and even expect as a bag snob!) without the appearance of wearing it for status. I really, truly enjoyed my LV bags but always felt like I was being stared at and accused of carrying a fake. No matter how much I tried to tell myself it didn't matter, it still did. It bothered me. But I've found a solution to that problem; RM!

2) I love the variety of leathers and colors. I don't mind one bit that I have three matinees because they are all different because of color and leather. I feel like a princess carrying such beautiful bags with such incredible leather!

3) I love that they are made in the USA! I love feeling like I am getting a bag hand crafted just for me!! And access to the designer and her team right here on TPF is amazing! Where else do you get that?

4) And finally, I get all of the above for a decent price. I can choose to pay full price for a bag I must have or I can wait on a HG bag until I find it on sale but either way while some bags are harder to come by than others, it is not impossible!