Why Are You Hooked On Rm


I want this one! <3
Jul 18, 2006
^^i agree with ALL of the above...

1- RM introduced me to COLOR, she has the BEST color variations!!
2- Leather that just makes you want to roll around in it all day!!
3- MADE in the US of A!
5- Classic designs
8- Vincent comes with every bag :love: LOL why do you really think i have 14 bags :lol:

OMG desi! you have fourteen!!! you are my RM idol!!!! i'm going to have to :ninja: my way over to YOUR house now! hehehee :P
Sep 3, 2008
Just curious; I don't own one and initially wasn't bowled over by any of the styles. They seem to be so popular around here. Can you tell me why RMs are so popular? Is it the quality? The versatility? The huge selection? They seem basic to me.

Thanks! ;)


Sep 26, 2007
I was just really attracted to the MAM.

That was the first RM I ever saw, and I feel in love. I ordered one with in 2 days of seeing it at 20% off and was even more in love in person. The leather is divine (really really smooshy and gorgeous!!) and all the color choices are so fun. And the MAM is just great shape for me.

I also own a Matinee which I enjoy as well.

If I had more money, I would have a MAM in every color! I hope to add more RM to my bag collection in the future.


Dec 30, 2007
I'm actually not entirely sure how I first got sucked in!! I know I was searching for a pale, creamy bag in general, and ended up with a Whitewash/Rosegold matinee. I had some reservations about it, but found it for a great price, and was ultimately intoxicated by the INCREDIBLE leather smell, its smooshiness, and how it somehow upped the cuteness *and* elegance of every outfit. It wasn't even as pale as I'd wanted (more dingy/tan, actually - the whitewash shade photographs way paler than it is!) yet I somehow adored it.

But it was only when I saw the attached pics on Luna Boston of the Hazelnut MAB that I fell hardcore in love with RM. I was never a fan of the Morning After bag/Morning After Mini before, and could never understand all the celebrity/magazine hype, but with the new hardware - and the caramelly color and roomy size - I was instantly obsessed. I was also looking for the perfect roomy caramel bag to replace a beat-up one I'd had, so it seemed ideal. From there, it was a short path to loving the other colors too (though always with the new hardware, which is just more my style; if RM had kept the old hardware, I'd never have gotten into MAMs/MABs, except *maybe* the black basketweave). And, from there - I now have my first Nikki on the way - and when I first saw the Nikki, I was really thankful (or rather my wallet was) that I didn't think it was anything special! But something about certain colors with the Nikki (Concord, Double Cream, Wine) and the new hardware really did it for me.

In summary, loving RM is a VERY slippery slope. Now I can't turn back, and the bags seem more divine to me than 90% of more high-end designers' (and, bonus - way more affordable!).


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Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
It's one of those things your have to see in person. I thought the same way as you before I had seen any bags.. now my whole collection is practically RM. It's all the things you mentioned but really LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER!!


Sep 11, 2006
Don't be a hater! :P She makes great quality bags with amazing colors and depth of color all in a new york city factory! A beautiful leather bag made in the USA is what won me over. Up until a few months ago, they were very reasonable for all those items.


Nov 5, 2006
The Cloud Grey Nikki posted on the Purse Blog was what first got me interested in RM. Then I wandered on over here to TPF and started crushing on the Matinee.

But I wasn't in love until I bought my Noir Mini Nikki and started carrying it. The leather got slouchy within just a couple uses and it just fits me like it was made for me. I love the leather, I love the lining, I love the little pockets.

I love that I can feel comfortable taking it to Target or to Bloomingdales. Beautiful as it is, my LV Manhattan PM was never versatile enough for a trip to In-N-Out for a cheeseburger animal style.


Dec 12, 2007
About a year ago, I discovered Purse Blog, and faithfully checked in and read it every day(I can't believe it took me another couple months after that to make it in here to chat). I saw a post about the MAB and I loved the simplicity, classic appeal, and at the the same time modern vibe of the bag. I was so used to searching for bags and being bombarded with logos that I found it to be a refreshing change. I did some more research into RM and discovered the Nikki - and then my RM addiction was born. I hunted around high and low looking for RM's - and I bought my first, a Saddle Nikki that had been used twice, on ebay for $300.

I was hooked on the brand after receiving that bag! I love the selection of colors, the overall quality of the bags, the simple, classic, yet modern styles, and best of all - the fact that they're made in NYC!