Why Are You Hooked On Rm


Feb 21, 2008
i love that every time i carry my bag, i get stopped and asked what kind of bag it is. it is not because i care about what others think, it's because the bags are so beautiful yet simple that people are drawn to them. i have bought 3 in the past 3 months and really have to keep my credit cards away to stop me from buying more


May 18, 2008
I was looking for new bags that you won't see everywhere and didn't have logos on it (not that i won't ever own a "monogram" bag again). I first saw a RM bag on The Purse Blog & got more interested. Seeing the styles of her bags, they are beautifully made, stylish & functional + the wonderful colors she uses got me hooked! Even though i'm still waiting to buy my first RM, i know this will be just the beginning!!:love:
Jun 3, 2008
I have to agree with what the others are saying! The bags are beautiful and satisfy expensive taste, without being name-branded. I have received compliments on the bag, while being asked, "who's is it?" - which is nice because people know it MUST be SOMEBODY, it's just that lovely! It may be silly, but hey - it's wonderful being complimented on a new love! (P.S. I absolutely ADORE the floral black and white interior. That helped me make my final decision to purchase a MAM!)
Apr 11, 2008
I don't like having the same thing as everyone else. I choose very carefully my colors and styles to be a combo not seen on every corner. RM is not seen often, even in NYC when I walk around each day. I have seen just a few others. Meanwhile, everyone has the latest "logo du jour bag", and they are cute, but just not "me." (Though I admit I'm loving that lavender canvas LV monogram tote, but I digress...)


Apr 22, 2007
I love the fact that they are quality, and have classic, beautiful designs that will stand the test of time. The fact that they are at a reasonable price point for such luxurious bags doesn't hurt either. I first discovered RM about a year ago and have been in love ever since.
Jun 2, 2008
1-love how RM bags are made in U.S.A., supporting our country's economic rise is a PLUS!
*i TRULY hope RM never does a kate spade- (no offense i used to have a collection of ks bags during first yrs of college)- that is, kate spade's original 6 bags she created in nyc/usa when she first began disappeared & so did the quality & now she mass produces (made in china/made in india). she doesn't have any bags made in USA any longer & i noticed quality went down a considerable amount...and i stopped buying her bags-so devastating.

3- seeing (studying) RM bags online & finally seeing a handful of different ones in person, the truly different textures and feel of the leather, makes it fun to add on to collection

4- the functionality

5- top quality bag, no logos is a breath of fresh air for a change


Aug 25, 2007
Im hooked on RM because RM is the ShiZ! What other brand makes awesome bags in all colors of the rainbow, in different kinds of scrumptious leather and with cute, well-thought out touches that culminate in an overall fabulously unique looking bag!? No one but RM!:tup:


Mar 25, 2008
Unmatched color selection, amazing leather, functionality, not plastered with logos, and attentiveness of RM to her customers. Within the mid-range bags, I think they are by far the best in terms of quality, style and slection. Even compared to many higher end brands, I would still choose RM. I love having a bag that few other people have but everyone wants to know what it is :shame:

My thoughts/reasons exactly!!


Sep 11, 2006
Her colors are the best! I loved balencaiga for awhile and even though they are known for their colors RM colors are easier to wear and always have a deeper saturation and even her distressed bags are gorgeous and the quality really no one can beat her and the fact they are for the time made in the USA!!!


May 5, 2008
I have 2 RM MAMs, and they are my first designer bags. I was never really into bags before (though I did dream of owning a Balenciaga Day bag that I finally got and am now selling because I love my RMs SO MUCH MORE). Anyway, the reason why RMs are my favorite bags are:

1) Quality - my bags are so well made, I'm sure they will last a long time
2) Functionality - I love all the pockets, and the bags carry well whether empty or full
3) Look - simple, classic, versatile, unique
4) Timeless - I'm sure I'll be carrying my bags 10 years from now
5) Price - the price point is very fair for the product
6) Made in the US - I'm a big supporter of designer goods made by true craftsman & not insanely mass-produced

I don't do logos and don't like things that are too recognizable. These bags are the perfect understated but still chic and luxe accessories!


Aug 24, 2006
I agree with all of the above.

Plus, and this is a big thing for me, the bag is not plastered in logos. Her bags don't scream "look at me and the status symbol I'm wearing!!!" I appreciate that. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the classic LV and Gucci monograms every now and then too, I even have some, but I'm just kinda over it and all the fakes that are out there. I would rather spend my money on real leather rather than coated canvas or plastic. Her bags are classy, tasteful, well made and stylish in a non-obvious way and I can tell that I will get years of use from them.

The materials, colors and styles are the perfect storm of bags for me. This is why I have become obsessed.

This was me. I still have my LV's but get tired of carrying the logos!! RM's bags are amazing and the leathers are TDF.
May 7, 2008
I love RM because I think the bags are timeless and classic. They are simple and elegant and extremely versatile. I like the fact that they are not plastered with names or logos, and that while they are designer and pricey, they are not ridiculously over priced like many other designer bags.


Jul 9, 2007
I recently discovered RM bags and really like them a lot - I'm also obsessed with Balenciaga, Belen Echandia and to a lesser extent Coach. What I love about RM:

1. I love the high quality and great workmanship and the fact that they are made in the USA!

2. The designs are creative, original and the colors are fabulous!

3. Maybe my favorite part - no logos on the bags - I'm not a fan of heavily logo'd anything and really love that RM bags seem to be classic and timeless, yet very modern. I can see me carrying my BBW MAB 10 years from now!

4. I've not had the honor of meeting RM herself yet, but I've never heard so many nice things said about a designer and my experiences personally with Catalina and Cory have been great! I like that I'm obsessed with a brand that has such a great person at the helm.

5. Finally, the pricing is still in the realm of reality and I like that I can get such a fabulous bag for under $500!


Trying new things!
Sep 23, 2007
1. Quality leathers
2. great color choice
3. Classic shapes on her bags that will last
4. Meeting Rebecca in person. I feel good about buying an RM, she's so sweet & approachable. :tender:

5. price is right


Dec 19, 2007
^^i agree with ALL of the above...

1- RM introduced me to COLOR, she has the BEST color variations!!
2- Leather that just makes you want to roll around in it all day!!
3- MADE in the US of A!
5- Classic designs
8- Vincent comes with every bag :love: LOL why do you really think i have 14 bags :lol: