Who says Chanel holds its value?!

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  1. I think what you experienced was more to do with the consignment store than the bag! Yoogi's is the worst, with outrageously low-ball offers in my experience. On the other hand, I have sold a Mulberry Bayswater on Fashionphile and recovered way more money than I expected.
  2. All the more reason to buy preloved....
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  3. Thusfar I haven't sold a Chanel item at a loss. I have sold all of them myself though so no consignor fee. Typically have mainly owned classics and some vintage, some preowned, some were new purchases. I remember that bronze reissue that I fell out of love with and then Jessica Alba was photographed with it and it almost doubled after that pic started circulating. Or the classic flap that was $1650 new and sold for $3000. The profits definitely helped to finance the Hermes habit when that started. Didn't buy to resell or make such profits but that was what the market allowed at that time.
  4. I think this thread should deserve more attention and should be place in the sticky thread list. So much valuable and important information, not to mention an eye opener for the newbies
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  5. I strongly agree!! There are constantly people posting threads about Chanel value and it seems many actually think they will hold their value. We all know that all Chanel bags do not hold their value. I feel there is a clear need for education on this point.
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  6. Thank you for this post. Chanel lovers need to know this! [emoji173]️
  7. I think it depends on where you're located, what you're trying to sell, and what the current retail price is. I sold a GST for $2900 last year and I bought it in 2013 for $2625+tax. Over all, I lost less than $100, which is fine by me. I agree with a lot of the posters, selling through consignment will rarely give you back close to the amount you paid. In order to get the most, you need to sell on your own. I'm never in a rush to sell so I always wait out for the best offer. The most I've ever lost is selling through consignment. But sometimes people can't be bothered with selling on their own and consignment stores may sell items more quickly so that's always a good last resort option.
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  8. Yes! I agree.
  9. I agree with you! Nothing is like money in your pocket! From my experience, i bought my jumbo double flap in 2012 for $4900 and it is currently $5500 plus tax. It is in excellent condition and I tried to sell it for $4800 and no luck.

    On the other hand, I bought my birkin also in 2012 in Paris. Since it is cheaper to buy bags there even through a reseller I will get my money back plus more!!!!! I don't look at Hermes as an investment but at least I know I can more reliably get my money back.

    For bags this pricy, I am concerned about selling it on eBay since eBay favors buyers and who knows what can happen.
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  10. Depends on the style colour.the rarer,the more it will go for,.most chanel bags,do hold their vaule,unless in a bad state,or not sort after.

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  11. +2, 100%
    Buy something because you love it not for resale.
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  12. I buy my bags because I like them, not for value for potential resale.
    With Chanel bags, I think it depends on desirability & the condition of the bag.
    I have sold some of my Chanel's both through consignment where I feel I am protected through a middleman & on eBay where I am not. The return of course through consignment is not good.
  13. Just go on eBay and see how many Birkins are just sitting there, no takers. It depends on the timing, the bag you are selling, the condition, and how long you own it. The mini's and WOC are easier to get more for your investment. I have a WOC that I spent $1800.00 for a few years ago and just had the opportunity to sell it for $2000.00. The more reasonably priced Chanel, like the Mini and WOC are easier to sell because they are in the price range of many more buyers. The GST is another bag that if you purchased it a few years ago, and it is in good condition, you can get what you paid or more...timing.
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  14. WOC's went up avlot in price since I began buying them. If they are not used or have very little wear that would be a good investment if someone chooses to sell theirs
  15. I think this is an excellent thread! I used to sell tons of my bags years ago when I no longer wore them because I wanted to fund for new ones...tons of Balenciaga, LV, Proenza, even a couple Chanels, etc. I never truly lost then, maybe a couple hundred at the most, but I was also selling bags I bought for way cheaper then they go for today.

    For example, my M/L flap I bought in 2008 for $2425, I would NEVER sell it, however if I did now, I don't think I would lose anything because it's in excellent condition and retails for more than double of what I paid. Same with my Jumbos...I bought them when they were no more than $2700. However, if I were to buy a new one today, I feel that with the high price they are at over $5K, anyone who can afford a new one, wouldn't want a used one for just a few hundred dollars cheaper.

    It's a sad fact that I can barely sell bags today. The market is so saturated too. I feel like even just 5 years ago or so, selling high-end bags was still sort of a niche, and then eventually everyone and their mother caught on. I have been wanting to sell my Celine Luggage bag that I bought for $1800 right when it first came out. I believe it's over $3500 now, maybe more, not sure? I looked online and there are tons of my bag sitting there waiting to be sold, and if they are luckily sold, most didn't even go over $1500. It's scary and I realize that honestly, I don't think many bags in general hold much value anymore. I remember years ago when I sold my Balenciaga Apple Green Day and made twice of what I paid for it because it was such a sought after color. I doubt I could ever do that in 2016!