Who says Chanel holds its value?!

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  1. you raise some excellent points!!! however, those of use who really know our chanel also know that it depends on the leather batch, color from specific season, etc that determines our holy grail. and not all others will agree with me on this next point, but i think overall quality for ALL brands have gone down while prices continue to go up. but for the lay person, i think you're right... they would rather buy brand new from the boutique or dept store than pay a bit lower for a "preloved" even though it's in amazing condition and depending on year, can be the HG that many of us want/look for. i think if you got on the classic flap train early on and kept your bags in great condition, i think their resale value is excellent, but if not and you only bought your bag a couple years ago, then no, i don't think resale value is great, esp with significantly lower offers from reputable resale sites (they gotta make money as well). i buy now bc i know price will continue to increase, and to think that a jumbo will eventually be over 6K before tax just makes me nauseous..... :wtf:
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    Those who say that Chanel bags are a good financial investment are those who are providing an over optimistic projection (ahem, i.e lie) to their stingy DH to justify their Chanel bag purchases. lol. Unless you bought the bag at least three or four price increases ago and it is in very good or excellent condition, you will not get what u paid for back if you sell through consignment. Period. The worst resale value is the reissue and seasonal bags unless they are super sought after bags. It's all about popularity and rarity, i.e. Econ 101 ==> Price is determined by demand and supply.
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  3. Some bags are easyier to get now,so people arent prepaired to pay over the top prices.Ive never lost on a chanel bag,only ever got more back.But mainly because i started buying pre,to price increases.I hqve bought recently,but now buy what i likem,i dont stick to just chanel.2007 to 2015 ,i owned over 20 chanel bags,but all were bought between 2007 to 2010.recently i paid 3760 for a jumbo,but i love it,and 2540 for a coco handel.im 100% sure id get my money back on these,at the current price of the time.but i would not buy to try gain money later on.Also i hqve only sold to mainly usa,where prices are higher,and ive sold at uk price.I dont belive in charging more then retail for a bag in perfect condtion.other brands,i onlynbuy if discounted in some way,wheather via points ,outlet..my two birkins i sold in 2010,i did make more money on,but again,i sold via usa reseller.bags i dont want at present,ill sell myself,but for the same sale price i paid for them no more

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  4. Sorry for reopening this thread but I just came across this on Google search while trying to decide if I should sell my preloved CF flap and buy a brand new one in store which has just become available, and found so much valuable information on here! A year and a half on from the last post on this thread, Chanel has had a recent price increase (again!) and honestly, searching for this particular CF model in the M/L size has become a bit of a saga for me.. I narrowly missed out on one in the boutique recently so started looking in the preloved department for one and Lo and behold, actually found a 2010 model in good condition and bought it (saving about 35% off the current retail price). Then Guess what, just today, my SA suddenly rings me and says another one has landed in the boutique and I can buy it. Now I have a dilemma - do I pass on the opportunity to buy a store fresh one and sell my new-to-me preloved one (I did find a corner that is slightly scuffed and the threads holding the inner flaps slightly loose from usage, as well as a small crack on the inner snap button, which were not disclosed to me by the seller after the item arrived in the post...which is not exactly a pleasant surprise..) ? Or do I keep the preloved one and pass on the store fresh one?
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated=) Many many thanks.
  5. Love that bag in your profile pic. What is that?

    I try to buy pre-loved. It’s already taken the hit for depreciation. Though for item that are really “new” to market, you have to buy new. It is a tough pill to swallow though, $6k to $2700. It’s a shame you have to sell!
  6. I agree. I read somewhere too on the internet whilst doing a google search that the resell value of certain bags are not as good as others. In addition, some you tubers also advise reselling them through private selling platforms rather than through consignors cos they take anywhere between 30-50% cut from the final sale price. Hope this helps=)