White Bag Reveal

  1. bi-color, etain vs craie kelly
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  2. Mr.Grizzly is sooo handsome!! What a wonderful addition to your collection. Congrats!
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  3. congrats, love it!
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  4. Congrats on the special evelyn cavalla.... open open the big box! A GM k35 which is a special order??
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  5. K35 Togo Verso in gris m / blue agate
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  6. A K35 verso Gris M and Malachite?
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  7. Nothing escapes you tPF experts.

    Ms. Gris Mouette 35 under the evening indoor light.


    Hey but you said it's more than that? Here's a little hint. I have to bring the shawl home to be her best company.



    One stone two birds! I got both my top on the list colors on one bag!! This is a dream come true!! Here's Ms. GRis Mouette / Bleu Agate Verso winking.


    I never thought of a K35 as a candidate so was feeling torn. The colors are currently my dream colors but a size I never thought of. I thought about getting a K40 eventually just to have that ultimate casual chic-ness. And I thought about K25 for evenings, K32 for daily use. But K35 was never on my radar. I have no idea what I feel about it at all!!! Some of you gave me good advice on instagram. Take only what makes your heart sings. But after one night sleep, or should I say excited sleepless night? :biggrin: :biggrin:, the first thought popped up in my mind was, oh my god, I was offered both Gris Mouette and Bleu Agate!!!! I know I was ready to hand out my credit card. Of course my SA was not surprised at all and has already prepared a few twillies for me as soon as I walked in.

    I'm literally in nirvana. I'm the luckiest girl, at least that's what I told myself, I got 2 unicorns to come home with me. :love: :love: :love:

    She was out and about with me whole day today. I used my bleu de galice oxer strap on it. What was I thinking? This size is PERFECT! So practical and totally has that je ne sai quoi vibe. So so so in love with her!!!!


    Thank you for sharing my joy. Sending everyone joining this excitement lots of lots of H magical dust! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
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  8. Both bags are fab, this Kelly color combo is really stunning! Congrats!!!
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  9. Congrats! Such a special Kelly! :nuts:
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  10. :ps:

    Top score, so pleased for you. Love your Grizzly, just that is a magical find and 35 is the classic retourne size in a low-key beautiful combo. Wish you the best of health to wear both.
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  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
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  12. Handsome is literally the word that came to mind when I saw him. H is simply amazing with creativity. I already have a few Evelynes and have been wanting nothing but a real cool-toned bag, but H just knows how to come up with a twist on the same bag that would make you swoon!
  13. Thank you, dear papertiger. The Grizzly is indeed magical. And being offered such a unique bag right after a 2-dream-come-true-color Kelly verso is really a miracle. I'm really spoiled. :love::blush::blush:
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  14. Congratulations cavalla, such special pieces! Enjoy using both of your stunning new bags in the best of health :flowers:
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  15. Oh WOW! Never seen one of these before! What a unicorn!
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