White Bag Reveal


May 13, 2011
color land
Last surprise first. I have been spoiled by the SA and SM. They already brought me a big surprise yesterday to think about. I went back today to take a second look to make sure I will have no regret with my decision. I was already on cloud 9 being offered such a special bag yesterday. I wouldn't imagine that there could be a cloud 10!!! When the SA brought this out and insisted that I try it on, I was all impatient and said I don't want to see anymore before he opened the box. My mind was all occupied by the bag offered yesterday. But he went on and insisted that I had to at least take a look. Hold it and feel the weight.

When he took it out of the box I almost fainted. And when I took it over from him, I was already half sold. It was soooooo light like a feather!

Can you guess what it is?