White Bag Reveal

  1. CONGRATS! Two Amazing bags and a scarf! What a perfect H experience!
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  2. I probably went a bit out of control this season when it comes to scarf department. :P:P:graucho::graucho:
  3. Thank you everyone for your nice wishes and sharing the excitement with me. You dear tPFers understand that joy that hubby just won't get even if he tries! :P I've been really in love with the bag and have been using it every single day! Love how much it fits! I've been on the road a lot lately so carry a ton with me. I replaced my Kelly strap with the strap from my Oxer bag and it works perfectly! I fee like I would be torturing that tiny skinny K strap with the weight I carry and it also makes it a bit more neutral, which I currently like. Thanks for letting me share. :blush::blush::love::love:

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