Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. I found some more birds after all. My new summer uniform, cool and casual, yet still scarf-a-licious.

    L'Arbre de Vie, one of my favorite Christine Henry designs ever, tied in a scarf necklace, along with a single Kelly Double Tour bracelet, and the ubiquitous Garden Party. You all will be glad when I finally get another purse :p

    L'Arbre Blue 5.jpg L'Arbre Blue.JPG

    L'arbre bird 3.JPG L'arbre bird 1.JPG

  2. You look Darling Tango!! And one never gets tired on looking at an Hermes bag on this thread, so hush.... I love your uniform and I too am wearing a scarf necklace. When I asked Chantilly Lace to look at the birdie on my scarf, she mewed,"you imbecile human, that isn't a bird...." I think she is right, but the feathers on my favorite icy neutral scarf had to come from somewhere. Tango, I fell in love with you a year ago when you talked about this scarf, and said, "who would want a predator on her scarf?" I died laughing and pmed you.... Vie du Grand Nord was my third scarf purchase and I must have another cw someday. I told you all you were going to get sick of me and that was before my new shawl, Thalassa arrived. Now if you squint real hard, I think we can see a seagull flying off in the corner. Please work with me silkies. I am insane over this shawl! Pegase, are you regretting the encouragement? And honey, where is your new, big ole turkey??

    wearing Thalassa 024.JPG wearing Thalassa 006.JPG wearing Thalassa 005.JPG wearing Thalassa 003.JPG wearing Thalassa 012.JPG
  3. Say, guys, can you point me to "How to tie a scarf necklace"? Is the knot also the closure, or is there a second knot in back? You both look great and this is a superb way to wear a scarf in warm weather.
  4. Mindi, it is two knots. Fold it on the bias, then tie a knot in the dead center. Tie the other two ends behind your neck in a double knot, or you could also secure it with a horn scarf ring.

    I did a variation of this last year that used three knots and two rings as jewelry. That also looked cool. (Scarf: Coupons Indien).

    It's 93 right now. I've worn this scarf like this all day and I haven't even noticed it. It's an ideal way to wear a scarf when just the thought of wearing one the "classic" way gives you heat stroke :p

    Scarf necklaces and scarf belts are going to be my go-to looks for the next four months.

    Coupons necklace 2.JPG
  5. Thank you so much, TangoTosca! :flowers:
  6. Oh scarfies, I've just spent the last hour catching up on all the doings, and you all look spectacular! Sorry to have been MIA, but it's been beastly hot so no silk action for me. I must say I'm loving the Collier knot and the necklace variations; I'll be trying that out for sure!

    How about a collection of words about silk? Before the heat arrived, I wore my Mots de Soie; I don't see this one very often, but it survived the last purge because I really like it for some reason.....
    IMG_0365.jpg DSC00478.JPG
  7. New today... and I couldn't be happier. The colors are really beautiful IRL.
    TigreBFace.jpg TigreB.jpg TigreBTieFlat.jpg TigreBTied.jpg
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  9. one more... I love the watercolor quality of this scarf.
  10. Hi ladies! Sorry for my long absence here.:shame: But I’m still enjoining all of your fantastic pics!:smile:

    Tango: Thank you for amazing details of Arbre… Each time I see you in Christine Henry’s silks, you look so happy!

    Sparklelisab: Beautiful and subtle neutral scarf for Vie du Grand Nord. And congratulations for your new big baby, love so much her chic cw!

    : What a striking cw! Very stylish design!

    fritillaryB: Beautiful choice as always! Thank you for sharing your newest scarf!
  11. It's super beautiful, fritillaryB... My store will get this one, but I want to compare it first side by side with cw1 which also caught my eye. Thanks for sharing... I love tigers on silk :smile:
  12. FritillaryB - exquisite!

    Tango - LOVE the outfit with the Arbe de Vie! The scarf "necklace" knots are some of my favorites. A great way to tame a troublesome pattern, I've also found. Although Arbe is anything BUT troublesome!
  13. Fritillaryb - congrats on your new Bengal:ps:

    Tango - your necklace looks great. I'm still in my winter clothes here with the crazy British weather!

    Textilegirl - very nice! very different:tup:

    Sparklelisab - La Vie is fab. Chantilly Lace has the right idea I'm with her I'm tired too:sleepy:
  14. Thank you IrisJ
  15. Thank you Indtlovesh. I think this one might be cw1.
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