Which of your cl s is the most comfortable?

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  1. Yes here I am again wantibg to by a pair of cls😂
    I want a shoe I actually can walk or party in preferebly Both. So which one do you have that is youre workhorse?
  2. I own some So Kate 120s, Pigalle Follies 120, one old-cut Pigalle 120, Decollete 554 100, Anjalina 100, Pigalle Follies 100, Iriza 120, Pigalle Plato 120, Bille et Boule 100, Geo 100, Filo 120, New Simple 120, Cross Blake 100, Dorissima 120, Pigalle 100.

    My most comfy pair of CLs are the Pigalle 100 black kid. I can walk miles in them. The New Simple 120 are quite comfy too, I guess it´s because of the small platform, it makes them feel more like a 100 than 120. Same goes for the PP 120. When it comes to the 120s without a platform, I love my old-cut Pigalle the most, I guess it`s because I wear them a lot and they are perfectly broken in.
    My most uncomfortable CLs are the SK. It´s not impossible to walk in them, I have 10 pairs and I wear them often but they have a longer break in period than my other CLs such as PF or PP. More comfy than the patent SK are my kid SK and the cork chevron because the material is softer and more forgiving than the patent.
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  3. I agree with HHA, The so kate are definitely my most uncomfortable heel as of now. Idk if you like taller heels, but I really find that my Highness and Daffodiles are very comfortable for some odd reason. I think it's that platform. I do own one pair of 100MM which are the pigalle, and I wear those quite often during the week. Those are my work shoes.
  4. If I want to really be comfortable, I love my Belle Ankle Booties, and my Riverina Ankle Strap shoes, both in 85mm. I love my other CL's but hated spending so much on shoes and not being able to "wear" them. I wear both these pairs at work a few times a week and I love them. They stay in the office though. I don't wear them commuting in, or going out for lunch.

    Hope this helps!

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  5. My workhorse CLs are: Very Privé 120mm (old style), Simple 85mm & Piros boots 120mm
  6. I think my most comfortable shoe is the Cross Blake. Endlessly comfortable. But the Pigalles, Pigalle Follies, Decolletes, and Simple Pumps aren't bad either.
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465705928.311371.jpg
    I have wide feet so I almost always have to break in my shoes but this pair right here fit perfectly and roomy with out being too big
  8. It's the cross Blake , just like @purseacold mentioned before too
  9. I think the lady peep style is the most comfortable.
  10. No Prive 120!
  11. Cross Blake and Love Me. And SK is definitely the most uncomfortable

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  12. Call me weird but I love my rolandos. Then I love the pigalle.
  13. My most comfortable are hands down the Corneille. I'm so glad this shoe is now available in black suede. I have the nude patent and I can't wait to buy it in other colors or textures. I believe that shoe deserves more attention

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  14. Lady Lynch 120mm ,Classic Pigalle 120mm, Aqua Ronda 120mm. They break in well with forgiving toe boxes. It has yet to be seen if the other styles would break in well.
  15. by way new simple 120