Which of your cl s is the most comfortable?

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  1. I think its going to be trial and error for you. If you are not accustomed to wearing a very high heel, you may never feel a so kate or pigalle w a 120mm heel is comfortable. I know for myself my foot and legs can't take the arch with the heel height, but there are other pros here who can and do master it every day.
    I can and do wear a much higher heel with platform support. I found the New Simple 120mm to be really comfortable, I wear them at work and wore them at least one day on the streets of Paris for the evening. I also have a pair of Bianca's which are 140s that haven't been worn out yet, but are pretty darned easy to walk in around the house.

    But like posters above my other work to out the door go to's are the belle bootie, and I have the balia spike (rivierina twin) both in 100mm. I personally find 100mm heel of many CL styles without a platform support more comfortable in general. I just bought a pair of Burlinettes, 100mm with a thicker heel to stand and wine and dine in.

    That cross blake 100mm looks really comfortable....
  2. I only wear 140mm or higher and so far I think my Bianca's are the most comfortable... But all my friends think they are the least comfortable haha so I really don't know I'm use to heels all heels are comfortable for me
  3. Trying to decide on a comfy louboutin and don't have a louboutin store in my city so will have to order online. Would you say the Rivierina 85 is more comefortable than the pigalle 85?
    Would be very helpful
  4. My most comfortable are my Very Prive 120's and my Rolando's... My Iriza 100's are a close 2nd!
  5. Apostrophy and Iriza for me. I have had prior foot surgery so comfort is priority for me.
  6. Chouette pinked edge 100mm I love them!
  7. Most comfortable are my Demi You's and Pigalle Follies. My So Kate's are brutal to walk in!
  8. Simple 100s - I swear by them and have even resoled them because I take them out dancing so often. Perfect for every occasion.

    If you're looking for comfortable I'd suggest rounded toe box styles (Simple, New Simple, Fifi, Dorissima) but it all depends on the shape of your foot. Good luck! :smile:
  9. IMG_0463.JPG Corneille 100's. So underrated. The toe box is wide and roomy. They are so comfy. Pigalle's kill me; something about my wide feet and the narrow toe box. If you have wide feet Corneille's are the one's for you!
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  10. I have a pair of patent purple 100mm Ron Ron's that are comfortable. I waited in line for hours in them to meet Mr. Louboutin himself!
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  11. I adore the Simples pumps for comfort! Wore my 100mm patent black ones to a recent holiday party and spent over four hours straight on my feet running around and never once wanted to take them off. They didn't need any padding/insoles either, just straight out of the box.:heart: OTOH, spent some time next to a girl in SoKates and she kept taking them off every 10 minutes because they hurt. :sad:
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  12. My Simple 70's in black are the most comfortable heels I own. I love my D'orsays for dancing, but for being on my feet all day the Simple is the bomb. The 85's are pretty forgiving as well. I find Pigalles difficult to wear and I tried a pair of So Kates on this week and I swear, I would chew off my own foot at the ankle before walking anywhere in those, except to bed.

    But the Simple? Roomy toe box and soft leather makes for an amazingly wearable heel. I know they are not the stilettos the 100's and 120's are, but I can not walk in those heels for any length of time. The 70's and 85's pack plenty of punch and I look better when my feet aren't killing me ; -)
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  13. I bought a pair of Rolando 90 about 5 years ago. 90 is high for me but I find this style more comfortable than lower Simple pumps. Wish they were still made
  14. The more I see of riveria the more I love it! Especially the spiked one
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  15. Another vote for the Corneille! An excellent, and underrated all-day shoe. I haven them in red suede and would love another pair in a different color!