Which combo would you prefer (I need quick help,please!)?

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which one would you prefer?

  1. Blue jean Togo Birkin with PH

  2. Blue jean Togo Birkin with GH

  3. I would get Blue jean in different leather..

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I really think Blue jean looks the best in Togo for my taste. I think Birkin 35cm in blue jean togo would be great for carrying baby stuff. I decide that Birkin 35cm in durable leather would be wonderful for diaper bag rather than Lindy in bigger size (34cm?) or Victoria II. Lindy is squish bag & I am worried that milk bottles might fall down or sink in the middle when I hold handles...and Victoria II has a toil lining, which worries me that I would have a hard time keep it clean.

    I am torn between two combinations..blue jean with PH or GH. I don't want to buy 2 blue jean in the same leather and size with different HW:P:sweatdrop:...Both combinations look beautiful! I can't decide on my own!!!! I need you guys' advice! Which one should I get (which one do you prefer)?:shrugs: I can't hold bags too long...

    Thank you~!:flowers:
  2. aspenmartial, I love BJ with PHW, I think it suits the modern and fresh look!!!
  3. ITA with Raz. PHW for BJ
  4. Yep it's PHW for me too.....looks so clean and because blue is a cold colour it looks better with a cold hardware, for me gold is too warm
  5. aspen sweetheart, my vote goes to PHW. :heart:
  6. Thank you for quick replies, my dear friends:heart:! You guys are always so helpful and supportive!!!
  7. I too voted for Blue Jean with PHW...it's just more modern looking. Can't wait for your reveal! :tup:
  8. I like to somehow match HW to my jewelry so I woul op for the one that's the jewelry color you are wearing most. Also another thought, in case you already have anoter light/medium blue bag in a certain HW, I would choose the HW that you don't have.
    I really like both cmbinations for BJ, but that said I have a slight preference for PHW for this bag.
  9. I voted Togo BJ with PH... but I love PH on just about everything... but especially with BJ ... it just seems to complement it the best....
  10. Dear aspen, I prefer the PHW with blue jean. :smile:
  11. My first Hermes was a BJ Palladium Kelly togo...I think this would be fabulous in a 35 Birkin for a baby bag! Too CUTE!! Why did I not think of that ??? DOH!! Congrats on your new to be purchase and the bouncing baby!!!
  12. Since BJ is such a cool blue, I vote PHW.
  13. ITA!!!! I love Blue Jean with Palladium! :love:
  14. Bleu Jean w/ PHW....:love:
  15. Palladium Aspen.

    Hope you're feeling well :flowers: