Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

  1. Beautiful! Love Maroon 5 too!
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  2. Thanks very much you all :smile:

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    I like the star charm on there -- and the CD case is a nice matching prop.

    PS. You probably already know this, but just in case not: (screenshot only)
  4. Thank you K. And thanks for indulging me with the picture -- yep, I know about this but not until afterwards!!! (not bringing my A game these days, lol). Appreciate it :smile:.
  5. So finding this forum has inspired me to switch out my purses more often. It's also inspired me to buy way more purses than I need but I digress. This is the purse I'm currently carrying. I'm pretty sure it's an Edie or the variations of it but I've had it for so long I've forgotten what the exact style was. I'm sure it was MFF because I couldn't afford anything else until recently. Lol.

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  6. :P
    I love this floral pattern. I have it in the original Market tote, a cosmetic purse, and a wristlet! :P
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  7. I saw this bag in my Coach boutique yesterday. STUNNING!! :smile:
  8. Thank you! I love this style.
  9. 1st gen oxblood

  10. Delicious. :biggrin: I'm sad that I missed out on the first-gens because there isn't the same use of textured leather for contrast anymore (without delving into exotics).
  11. You still can get a first generation rogue in black on the Saks website. It has old brass hardware and black suede
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  12. Thanks for the tip! I don't think I'd go for black though, as I already have a second-gen black and I'm one of the weird ones that does not prefer brass hardware. :biggrin: I just adore the Oxblood first-gen that soonergirl posted though!
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  13. I know!! I have this and the chalk/black and I keep finding myself stalking resell sites for more 1st gens. They're so lux!
  14. I agree. I have Black with Gold HW and Chalk/Black with Gunmetal HW and I love them both. I have not purchased another Rogue since then. I'm saving for a Design Your Own Rogue.
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  15. So elegant....:smile: