Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

  1. Gorgeous bag... she glistens in the sun..
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  2. My new Fog Nomad + black leather tea rose charm. Bonus "Border Rose" silk bandana! I hope I don't look like a stewardess. Haha

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  3. Errand day with Miss Smooshy!!

  4. Today it's my small Toaster satchel sporting her new Cashin hang tag. Love this little bag so much I found the larger one in Sea Mist and it should be here soon, can't wait! IMG_6807.JPG

  5. Thank you!! I also have the ultraviolet Candace. I loved the Legacy line and bought so much of it!
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  6. Chalk Rogue with Cherries

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  7. Love this combo! Cherries look so cute on your Rogue.
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  8. Gorgeous and love the cherry fob...looks great!
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  9. +1
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  10. Both absolutely fabulous love the colour and interior
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  11. Having a little fun today!

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  12. Darn it! You just forced me to order that Hangtag from the FOS! it looks cute on your bag!
  13. You'll love it, I ordered both of them because the quality is sooooo good!
  14. I just got it. It is huge! It looks great on my vintage bags.
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  15. How do I get the cherry charm? I was tempted to get the purple and green rogue 17 for the cherry charm.
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