Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

  1. COACH-MAGGIE -SAFFRON-14325 This bag is my Coach Passion

    Note the lovely COACH accessories...:cool:

    IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0103.JPG IMG_0105.JPG
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  2. The bag is just lovely and I love the purple trim... TPF is has lead many of us to purchase many a purse...LOL... :biggrin:
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  3. Brought an older one to the office today: IMG_1487259629.680979.jpg Legacy Candace
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  4. I wish I would have been into Coach when the Candace came out. I still see people carrying them here and there and always loved the shape. Yours is gorgeous with the contrasting tassels and hang tag!
  5. Thanks :smile:. Like your Maggie.
  6. I still think the 2012 Legacy line was an outstanding line (despite the corner wear issue). This dark grey/fuschia color combo is lovely.
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  7. Baby Mickie, signature print.
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  8. 1st gen Rogue is out today. IMG_1487290422.524892.jpg
  9. I need to stop taking pictures of this beauty while I'm driving
  10. It was raining this morning so I moved into this croc Chelsea. It seems waterproof. chelsea turquoise croc crossbody 017.jpg
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  11. That bag is beautiful and the color and leather are gorgeous! I really like your lion fob, I have a lion fob and it is really cute but I think that I like your fob even better!
    LionFob001.JPG LionFob002.JPG
  12. Love this color!!
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  13. This color!!
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  14. Twins on the lion fob! It's been my avatar since I joined tPF.
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  15. Gorgeous color with the embossing on the leather
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