Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

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  1. hurray! new thread:yahoo:
    my tatum whipstitch tote in teal doing some 4th of July shopping

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  2. Such a pretty color.
  3. Just love this color!

  4. Thank you! the color and the details on the tote are both pretty awesome - and it is fun to carry!
  5. Luv the color and details on this bag!
  6. My Maddison Classic Satchel.

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  7. Coach whipped it good on this one! :smile:

  8. I am hoping this is a Devo reference? I might have been a punk rocker in college....:blush:
  9. Twins, BT is a lovely colour!
  10. Yup. I'm so glad you're old enough to get it.;)
  11. Gorgeous!! Whip it good))

  12. Love this bag, twin!! :smile:
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  13. This is so pretty...it looks like squishy soft leather too :smile:
  14. It really is. ;)