Where's the love for GH Hobos?

  1. I posted new pictures of a violet SGH Hobo and it received a few comments, but not as many as we might normally see here. The lack of responses made me wonder whether there is much love for the GH Hobo. The bag is so light-weight. I love that it has a big interior pocket too.

    Does anyone else like this style? Do many people own it? I don't see a lot of postings on it and it is one of my favorites.:love:
  2. I didn't see that picture. It's gorgeous! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the Giant Hobo. I had a couple sent them back because I didn't like the leather but I will own one soon for sure. It's one of my 3 favorites, City, Twiggy, Giant Hobo. You can have the GH without adding a lot of weight and it's super comfortable. I'm just waiting for the right leather and color with GSH and then I will get one FOR SURE!:tup:
  3. I like them too - I'm seriously considering the hobo with SGH in Vert Fonce.

    When I did a thread (which style?), it -the Hobo style- didn't get much attention either.
  4. i have one in aqua. it's a great bag for the weekend. it is very light weight for those who want to get a GH bag but second guessing.
  5. Personally, its not for me, nor do I like them. I'm partial to the Day.

    It looks overstuffed with just a few items in it - not attractive. I think Balenciaga missed the target on this one: not enough reserach or whatnot.

    Ah well, preference is preference. :smile:
  6. I love the giant hobo! I was on the violet list, but by the time the call came, I already had two violet bags and had to say no. When I saw the pics, I still regretted it, though! I find it really comfortable and light and, for me, it's a great smaller bag. It's also very clean and simple. I plan on more in the spring colors, which I think will work well in this style.
  7. I don't put a lot of stuff in my bags, so that aspect wouldn't bother me. I know that not everyone loves every style. One reason I prefer this style over the day, is that it isn't as deep. I like being able to find all of my goodies quickly.
  8. ITA with your statement about the weight. I remember being shocked the first time I tried on a GH City - it was just too heavy for me, but the Hobo feels almost weightless.
  9. True!

    For my size, I also don't like when I carry it on the shoulder, my elbow slips through the loops. Whereas the Day stule tucks under my armpit nicely.

    I can't explain it, but I don't like how when I "bend" my elbow (when I'm carrying the bag) and it slips thru the crescent shaped top. There is no anchor.

    Gees, did you get that? =P

    I really like it in Vert Fonce though.
  10. i actually don't like the day because it feels like a bottomless pit. when i went to get my cell phone or wallet, i could never find it. and since i really don't carry a lot, i much prefer the hobo.
  11. I love the hobo! I tried it on at the store and fell in love with it :love:- and I like it too because it's not too deep like the day, and the shape is so pretty! It's just a pet peeve when I have to dig around my bagfor my stuff. I think the hobo is a gorgeous bag- lucky you!
  12. I love it but it's impossible to find in the Violet/SGH combo!
  13. i think i missed the thread on the giant hobo, would love to see all your beautiful giant hobos though!! maybe we can have some pictures in this thread? modeling pictures too, please? :smile:
  14. I like the aesthetics of the Hobo - I have a sandstone with GGH and it looks beautiful - but it doesn't work for me in real life. I never lose stuff in the day, (strange, but true) because of the big pockets. I use a medium Chameleon to switch quickly from bag to bag. Works in the Day, works in the City , works in my Goyard hobos, looks too bulky and weird in the Giant Hobo. So , for me, using the Hobo is like using the first and I just carry wallet, glasses, phone and keys. I can find everything I carry, but I only carry half my stuff. It doesn't hold my current daily minimum. But since I'm trying to carry less in my bags because of neck problems, and I still love the way it looks, I haven't given up on it yet. Looks-wise, it's my favorite GH bag style.
  15. I love it!!! I like handbag to sit on my shoulder (it's a must with a baby) and the HOBO was my fisrt BBAg purchase! I wnate d violet hobo with GGH but BALNY has never
    called! :sad: In fact it's the only style I really like, I have a city but I find it awkward and I will try the new style that look sliek a day/hobo bastard child! :smile: