Where to sell Coach bags?

  1. I am interested in selling some bags but where can I sell them other than eBay? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Craig's List, perhaps? Or maybe some of your friends or coworkers? Not here, though - it's not allowed. :nogood:
  3. idk if this question is appropriate for this board.... i would give you advice but i want to see what a mod says first
  4. ^It's my understanding that there's nothing wrong with asking for ideas as to where you can sell used bags as long as they are not being offered up here.
  5. No I'm nottrying to sell bags here I am just wondering if anyone knows of good sites or anything to sell bags...

  6. ok, i wasn't saying she did anything wrong..... i wasn't clear on the rules myself
  7. eBay or if you have a consignment store nearby. Craigslist too. I prefer eBay but be sure that you know their rules or you risk getting your item pulled. Friends and family are another avenue.
  8. What do you mean buy consignment store?
  9. ^^ Stores that resell items for you. You can look under consignment stores in the yellow pages to see if there are any in your area. They'll sell them for you, taking a percentage of the sale. I've never done this myself as there aren't any around me.
  10. I would say Craigslist but always meet in a public place or ship using paypall. Also post pics. People who are serious buyers will know the real thiing and will know what they are looking for.
  11. Thank you for all your suggestions!
  12. I didn't think you were implying that she did anything wrong -- not at all! :flowers:
  13. Same here. I've learned to play it safe and Candace was just doing that. I know we all love tPF so much, we don't want to get in hot water. ;)
  14. I agree. I would be so sad if I made a mistake and were banned.

    Either way, I think eBay might be a safer way to go. eBay and PayPal offer protection for buyers and sellers.
  15. I have sold a few on Craigslist. It is great there is no listing fews.... Good luck