Where Do LV Owners Buy Clothes


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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
I love how so many of us hunt out bargains when it comes to clothing. I love finding clothes that I love for a fraction of the retail price! Then again I also love finding a bargain pre-loved LV. :lol:

I do invest a bit more in shoes and coats/jackets because I can use those for many years, even if not for as long as my LV bags. I have coats and jackets from Barbour and The North Face, and a couple of leather jackets that were quite pricey (at least for me) and I have some shoes from Gucci, but other than that most of my footwear collection consists of Doc Martens (boots and shoes!) which I absolutely love and live in.
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Jul 4, 2021
Mainly Anthropologie (clothes and shoes) and Prana (not Prada, although autocorrect really wanted me to wear Prada apparently :lol:) for me - I save the rest of my money for LV bags and the occasional bucket hat :smile:
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