Where Do LV Owners Buy Clothes


Oct 23, 2013
Bergen County, New Jersey
I'm a TJMaxx girl, and I look for clothes that are made of high quality cotton from brands that do not use sweat shops. I try to research this as it is very important for me. I also love to shop at consignment stores to get high end items for much much less. So many even have the tags still on. I do have a weakness for shoes, scarves, and coats. I have a collection of uggs and leather boots/booties (I am a DSW premier member for life!). I look for well made products made from materials that stand the test of time!


Apr 16, 2015
I don't really care much for clothing, I just make sure fabrics have decent quality (like cashmere, silk), but not top quality as I just don't see the point of putting extra money on something that I won't be wearing for years to come. I usually just go for very simple clothing, no patterns (my bags are DE and that's enough pattern for me) usually in black or grey plus some denim. However, I'm willing to pay more for coats and jackets and I am considering getting a Burberrry coat, but I haven't brought myself to pull the trigger yet as I'd rather put that money towards a new bag... :P


Oct 23, 2016
I tend not to shop the big mall clothing chains, and I can't remember the last time I paid retail. I most often frequent Century 21, Neimans Last Call, Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack, and if the stuff is clearance there, even better. I don't actively look for them but if I stumble upon a sample sale I will take a look around - I got a few Rag & Bone pieces super cheap this year that way. I try to dress good casual/sporty since my work environment is quite casual. I will get t-shirts and knockabout things at Target too though. My biggest problem is shoes - I have very wide feet and bunions so it is pretty impossible for me to find stylish shoes, which hinders my style game. However, Saks Off 5th recently had some Gentle Souls boots that were well made with leather upper and inner soles and that did not look old-ladyish - some lace up ankle combat/sneaker hybrids that are pretty current and some calf length boots, both at 60% off, I was ecstatic that they fit and were comfy!


Dec 2, 2015
ASOS is my main go to, but I also do Loft, H&M, and Forever 21. Department stores occasionally.


Aug 5, 2016
Everywhere from target,express the loft and forever 21 and pink I'm pretty casual and shoes whatever is cute but I've never spent more than 160.00 on shoes.
Apr 11, 2015
New Jersey, USA
I do a lot of JCPenney, Nordstrom Rack, Express and Forever 21. I'll only venture to Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor for jeans and shoes. In my experience, those are the things I can justify splurging on! Except for my LV bags of course [emoji6]
Feb 16, 2013
Anyone else like me and shop at Old Navy almost exclusively? Or, better said, anyone else have a weakness for luxury bags but don't shop for clothes at high-end places? Just curious.
I try to buy my nicest items second hand (since they'd be too expensive new)--the RealReal is OK, I also like Yoogi's and Fashionphile. And Vestiaire for LV is the best. Daily attire-J.Crew, DFV on massive sale, basic pair of black ankle boots.


Feb 16, 2007
Jaeger, Hobbs, L.K Bennett. Most of my clothes are from Jaeger and my cheaper stuff is from Boden. I spend more on clothes than bags.