Where are you Purse Forum Gals?

  1. Where are you, Purse Forum Gals? I read the threads...about all the great new purses you are buying, you are stalking, you are dreaming about, analyzing and saving up for... But when I'm out shopping (when I'm in the U.S. ...) I don't see you! All I see are ladies with TERRIBLE handbags! Where are all you chic women with fabulous Gryson, Belen Echandia, Goyard, Balenciaga, LV, Celine, Hogan, Tods...?

    Are there really so few of us...in the general population, who are carrying killer handbags? What bags and who do you see when you're out shopping?
  2. I live in HI and there is a huge Asian/tourist population so I see a lot of nice handbags around whenever I go out. Everything from birkins to mono speedys are walking around NM daily. I see a Goyard or two around as well, which is cool because no where here has them as far as I know. Lots of basically everything though :smile:
  3. I've decided they must all be in the major cities and coastal regions, because they certainly aren't around here!
  4. I saw a gal with a vert gazon giant balenciaga day today!!!
  5. I live in LA and everywhere I go it's either LV, Coach, Dooney, or fakes or "generic" bags. Do see the occasional Paddington, Spy, Bbag (actually followed a woman with a Whistle bag into Bloomie's yesterday), BV, Chanel, but they're few and far between.
  6. Just go an Asian Mall around here Tropical Gal and you will see brand name bags of all shapes, styles and sizes... and also notable counterfeited ones too LOL!
  7. Here in Hong kong.. LV and Gucci are the most common.. That's why I wanted to be different, I'm into Chanel, Dior and MJ! :biggrin:
  8. I work in downtown Chicago, and when I'm making the walk from the train to my office, I'm looking at everyone's handbags. I see TONS of LV (some fakes, but many more w/dark handles & deep patina), lots of Prada, and an assortment of Coach and Dooney & Bourke. I've also seen many Chanel, but wonder how many are truly authentic (it's always the most obvious Chanel bags with giant CC's on the front!) I've also spotted an occasional Kooba now & then. Every once in a while, there's a Fendi (one or two Spy bags, the rest are the "signature" prints) Balenciaga (a few fakes, some questionable), and ONCE (only 1x) a Chloe Paddington. In recent months, I've spotted a few YSL Muse bags and a variety of Marc Jacobs.

    Now, when I make the trek up to Michigan Avenue to shop at NM, Saks, Barneys, etc., I see lots more Fendi, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, even the occasional Birkin. All of which I'm pretty sure are authentic.
  9. I live on the South Coast of the UK (South of London - about 2 hours drive away) and I rarely see any REAL designer bags.

    Even in London you see the 2 extremes, either glorious designer bags or really really bad fakes!
  10. In Missouri the Show-Me-FAKE-State, most bags I see are fake coach bags. I have seen the occasional MJ, IF, LV and Gucci but mostly it's fake coach bags!
  11. I live in the south west of the UK. The only great bags I see are mine!
    The designer spotted most regularly is Mulberry but that may well be because it is a south west based company and its HQ is just down the road.
    Occasional LVs and Pradas.
  12. I'm a north London girl...and you'd think there'd be beautiful bags all over London, but I don't see that many...aside from mine and those of my bag-loving friends!!! I do see lots of fakes though...especially down the road on Camden High Street.

    TropicalGal where in the tropics are you exactly?
  13. I am London based and recently went to the opening of the Whole Foods store in Kensington High Street where the bags were more beautiful than the fruit and vegetables!
  14. I mostly see a lot of Coachwhere I live. There is an outlet about 30 minutes away. I also see tons of Dooney. Sometimes a Louis Vuitton.

    When I go shopping in Chicago (about an hour's drive) I see everything -Fendi, Christian Dior, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, LV, Coach, Dooney.
  15. Sez, I live in Merida, Mexico.

    I can't believe people would buy fake Coach. Coach is affordable! A fake Coach? Sad.

    You know, come to think of it, when I was sitting in a gourmet deli in Tenafly, NJ, lunching on a bowl of soup, they have little tables set up...I saw the parade of the handbags. It wasn't people watching; it was handbag watching. The women, all tall, slim, youngish, suburban wives with corporate husbands at work in New York, were wearing their gym clothes (at noon!) and coming in for their soup or half sandwich, carrying Paddingtons, LV's, Diors, Guccis, Koobas, etc. It was hilarious and enlightening.

    However, generally, I don't see great handbags when I am in the U.S. or traveling on airplanes. In Manhattan, most of them are on Madison Ave., accompanying very expensive women, but other than that....I'm not seeing them.