Where are you from?

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  1. I love hanging out in this forum, all the ladies are so lovely. I feel like I want to get to know you better... and wondered if you all wanted to share what part of the world you are from (without divulging too much/identies etc). I think it's so interesting that ladies from all around the world have loving the BE products in common...

    I can start... I live in Surrey which is on the outskirts of London in the Uk.
  2. Tarantino - my sister lives in Surrey! In Hersham. :smile:

    I'm in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Even though I'm surrounded by women wearing high fashion goods, working in television, I'd never even heard of BE until I stumbled across this forum. Now I've got a LM Pewter on the way and looking forward to having a bag that no one else in my office carries!
  3. Tarantino, my SIL lives in Surrey (Woking)! Their family was here with us for a few weeks and it was a lovely visit :smile:..

    I'm in Portland, Oregon...
  4. I live in LA area (Marina Del Rey), as well, and work in television -- I don't work in an office, though, I work on sets.
  5. I'm still waiting for my first bag so I'm not officially a BE girl yet, but I live in Toronto, Canada. Or well, the outskirt. I also can't wait for my pewter LMMidi. Boy oh boy! It's gonna bling all the uniforms of LV and Coach monogram bags around me to oblivion!
  6. I will be in a village near Winchester, Hampahire, for a few more weeks but will then be moving to Brighton, East Sussex, UK. (Nasty thought - what if a seagull 'decorates' one of my bags?!?)
  7. Lucky YOU!

    You must meet some pretty famous people! Would love to hear some stories sometime......
  8. Hey Jenova - I was born in Brighton, my brother now lives there and I'm going there tomorrow for some retail therapy! You'll love it there... are you moving for work? I would love to retire there one day
  9. It's meant to bring good luck, apparently ....:shrugs:, a bit of a contradiction in terms if you ask me!
  10. I am moving there to be closer to the my sisters after the death of my partner late last year. I have just handed in my notice and will have to find work on arrival.
  11. Jenova, I'm very sorry for your loss. :sad:
  12. I'm in Edinburgh , Scotland .
  13. I'm from Northern Ireland.
  14. Really????

    I thought you were from another planet altogether.......
  15. :P ... now then, careful, or I might have to reveal my true self ...:robot: