When did they first notch the rivet?

  1. sorry for the stupid question. this might have been asked before, but i could not find anything. what season did the notched rivets start?
  2. i think some s/s '05 bags have them and then everything thereafter. i could be wrong though...
  3. I was just this minute reading up on the 'naff on this ... it says:

    Authentic rivets (the back of the studs) are very slightly convex. Since 2005 (inconsistently in spring/summer bags; consistently since fall/winter), the rivets have a notch on either side. Before 2005, the rivets were a simple circle.
  4. thanks girls.....
  5. I was reading the how to tell if a bag is fake thread and it said that after 2002 the bags started using notched rivets. However, my 2004 bag has solid rivets. So when exactly did the notched rivets start? TIA!
  6. I *think* it was after 2004? so beginning of 2005.... anyone else?
  7. Intermittently (sp?) in s/s 05, then fully transitioned to notched rivets in f/w 05.
  8. yup, early '05. eg. some Sky Blues have solid rivets, whilst others have notched rivets.
  9. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm trying to learn all I can about Bbags before I purchase my first one. so um, what are rivets?
  10. I second that!:tup:
  11. thanks so much! all your responses helped a lot!
  12. Are all balenciaga handbags suppose to have this on them or does it depend on the year,the style,etc...:confused1:
  13. Do you mean the rivets with notches?
  14. yeah the rivet with notches....Sorry:shame: