When are you too old???

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  1. How do you know if you are too old for a bag?

    I mean I see teeny boppers to senior citizens carrying LVs ... which I find perfectly fine ... but to see a middle-age woman carrying say a Juicy purse ... doesn't seem quite right. Frankly in my opinion to each his own ... but as a 40 year old woman who loves the denim guacho and the Fend B - I wonder if I am too old for it ???

    I realize bags like BV are more age appropriate ... and I will be getting the BV Ball in March ... not because it is age appropriate but because I absolutely love it ....
  2. I don't know harley, I have a poll in here deciding whether I should get a coach or juicy and I thought maybe juicy was a bit too young for me, (i'll be 22 in March!)

    In the end, if you love it, and think you will definitly use it, go for it! As long as your not going to wear it for a short time and then discover you feel uncomfortable wearing because you think ur too old. As long as YOU love the bag, I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks.
  3. nevah too old I say!!!! nevaaaaaaaah!!! :P
  4. I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you happy:amuse: . Nevermind what others may think. Age is a state of mind anyway - you're only as old as you feel.
  5. I agree. You have to ultimately do what you want w/out worrying about what anyone thinks. I'm 40 and I carry a lot of bags that are sort of whimsical and fun b/c I feel it suits who I am. I also have sophisticated bags that I wear when the mood suits me. That's what makes us individuals.
  6. I'm in my 40s and I think about the same thing. I think Juicy is for under 25 tops, at least I would feel funny with it. But I still like funky!
  7. Age appropriate doesn't exist in my book. I have a JC bag which is brown suede, hobo style from a year or 2 back and is really subtle. My 72 year old mother even borrowed it and everyone loved it on her!

    Buy what you love. Why shouldn't you buy a Gaucho? A demin Gaucho would be great! I'm in my 40's too, and there is nothing like a fun, funky, beautiful purse to pick me up.

    Each line seems to have a wide range of items now. Items for teens, and items for us. I wouldn't use a TokiDoki pouchette, but I would use a large TokiDoki as a carry on for a plane. Or as an overnight bag. Sometimes you just have to get something that makes you smile.

    Let us know what you decide on.
  8. never too old. age is only a #. we do not get older, just wiser.and is not 40 the new 30? if you love the bag, wear it with confidence.enjoy it :smile:
  9. I agree with some of the others - it's a personal preference, and if a particular bag makes you happy and you really love it, go for it! Who cares what other people think?
  10. suli, i love your avatar! it's so cute! did you draw it yourself?
  11. No one is ever too old to carry a designer purse. If it makes you happy, you've earned the right to carry it!
  12. I agree w/ everyone here.

    You can't pull it off if you aren't loving it and confident, otherwise you can carry anything!!!
  13. IMO some of the bags out there are meant for a younger audience i.e. coach logo bags, d&B logo bags, juicy logo, anything fake furry or rabbit furry, or anything w/pics of kids or animals.

    But, if you like that, go for it! There is no handbag police out there dictating age requirements for bags.
  14. 22 is not too old for it!!!!!!!
  15. I think it's a state of mind. If you like the bag, why not? But will it bother you if you get the bag and see mostly girls that look like they're in h.s. or junior carrying it? Part of the reason I don't take D&B seriously is my house is close to a school and all I see is like 12-14 year olds carrying it.