What's your bad habit?

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  1. Procrastinating
  2. Eat too much at dinner and become fatter, just cannot stop. Who could kindly share me some tips about losing weight? :confused1:
  3. Talking super loudly, I am a loud person in general.
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  4. Too much online shopping, I get so excited when a parcel is being deleverd. It’s an addiction.
  5. i like spicy food
  6. I have a few that come to mind particularly procrastination, over spending, and over eating! :confused1:
  7. Me too plus my hips
  8. Too much diet soda.
  9. Traveling, bags and more bags.
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  10. to dig out other peoples bad habits
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  11. Definitely procrastination, impossible habit to break.... because I’ll get to it later :P
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  12. I have long hair, like real long pony kind. This makes me a bad person as per my parents. :sad:
  13. Not having a filter.
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  14. Candy :drool: coffee :drool: and online shopping :panic:
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  15. biting my nails!!! Who knows how to stop? I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING.
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