What's your bad habit?

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  1. Mine is biting my nails..
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  2. Me too!
  3. plucking white hairs
  4. washing hands way too much
  5. Picking on my cuticles until they bleed and being really bad at returning phone calls.
  6. + 1

    Am a germaphobe
  7. Some bad habits that I have are:
    - Sleeping really late.
    - Spending too much time on the computer cause I enjoy reading blogs, posts, news and articles.
    - Plucking white hairs even on public. :P
  8. Me too! :P
  9. rushing about everything
  10. Smoking.
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  11. Fixing uneven objects
    Washing my hands way too much
  12. Attacking my dry cuticles! It was my New Year's resolution and I was doing really good until work became stressful and now I'm back to square one! :sad:
  13. Sleeping really late (lately), and eating so late at night (late as in midnight to 2am...)
  14. My latest bad habit is googling everything. If I'm midway conversation with somebody and something they say makes me curious- I google! X
  15. Mine used to be biting my nails - I did it for years, so much that they often bled! I have managed to grow my nails really long now and kick the habit :biggrin: YAY! - But unfortunately I still have a pick at the skin around my nails, so I'm currently trying to stop that.