What's your bad habit?

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  1. did you try to chew a gum or tooth stick?
  2. stay up all night
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  3. Me too
  4. i can forget what I have to do in a few minutes, short memory like in a fish
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  5. Compulsive buying
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  6. I open a cupboard door and don’t close it.

    Here’s another. I don’t finish the last bite.
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  7. With shampoo/ conditioners, lotions etc I often leave about 1/4 of the product unfinished because I want to try a new product. The unfinished bottles go into my cupboard and are rarely used up. Rventually they are just thrown away. It’s wasteful and a bad habit of mine.
  8. sleeping so so late like 1am and before going to sleep, i ate snacks and soda..
  9. Try always to get 10h sleep
  10. Ugh... so many!!
    1. Staying up too late
    2. Popping pimples :sad:
    3. Not closing my drawers/cabinets
    4. Taking clothes out to plan outfits and never putting them back until there’s a giant pile
  11. Guilty, just not the soda. I haven’t had s soda since they stopped making caffeine free Vanilla Coke
  12. 1) Lately.... buying vintage handbags, mainly exotics and never using them. I do have most of them out to look at though

    2) Obsessively searching eBay and other sites for hard to find pieces of jewelry that aren’t made much anymore. I have gotten lucky quite a few times and found mislabeled items much cheaper. Which is why I’m obsessed.

    3) I am horrible at putting new inventory in my shop. I have to be more consistent and commit to a specific amount time per day and do it. They say it takes a month of practice to make it a habit. I hope that works for me

    4) Searching for hard to find converse and dr Martins. I want the American flag and the Britain flag boots. Still can’t find them in my size.

    5) Looking at peoples hands. Especially if I end up having to shake their hand. Some are just so yucky, that I just don’t do it. Ugh People not washing their hands and licking their finger while eating is the worst
  13. Shopping and spending money. lol. :biggrin:
  14. always procrastinating and end up being late for my appointments!
  15. Working too much and sleeping only about 5 hrs. Not a healthy combo I know.